Shiskine Hall has installed new energy efficient heating. This new air source heat pump system will provide an estimated reduction in emissions of approximately 1.7 tonnes of CO2 and reduced fuel costs of up to £1060 per annum.

As Shiskine Hall is a community SCIO we were able to get help with funding from a Scottish Government SME Loan.

The Hall was previously a church and with a high ceiling and north facing windows has always been challenging to heat. The old wall mounted ceramic heaters were becoming increasingly costly and inefficient with electricity costs being a significant outlay.

energy efficient air to air heating system

Help with Funding

With support from Zero Waste Scotland’s Energy Efficient Business Support Service, a consultant
undertook a full assessment detailing our options in a written report.

The committee agreed to apply for an SME Loan with a cash-back grant to cover the cost of the heat pumps and the wall-mounted fans that supply the heat into the hall. The Hall was eligible for the full £10,000 grant and the rest of the costs were covered by the interest free loan to be repaid over eight years.

Energy efficient heating

The heating is easy to work with 3 fans in the main hall and one in the back hall. Each has it’s own
control panel and the fans provide efficient heat and quickly warm up a large hall.

The hall is used by a wide range of groups including yoga and activities for older members of the
community when it’s important to be warm and comfortable. Our new heating will encourage more
use round the year and help keep the building well aired and in good repair.

Support from Zero Waste Scotland

Without the support from Zero Waste Scotland and funding from the SME Loan Scheme we would
not have been able to afford to install the new air to air source heat pumps.

The hall committee are pleased to be promoting energy efficiency and doing what we can to help
our community be sustainable in the light of the ongoing concerns about climate change.

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