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Pop in for advice and information on Tuesdays at our EcoHub. We have lots of leaflets to help and inform you on what’s available throughout Arran and Ayrshire, whether traveling on foot or by bike. 

eBike Loan Scheme  (registration, inductions, riding & returns)

An eBike loan is free to use and can last up to one month, it should preferably start and finish on Tuesdays at our EcoHub at the Ormidale Pavilion in Brodick. Open every Tuesday from mid morning until mid afternoon with lots of space for learning all about the eBikes before taking them home. We aim to allocate our eBikes as quickly as possible depending on availability and demand. We’ll also aim to give instruction and cycle tuition, both at the Hub and out on the roads and trails, advice and tuition will be available on maintenance and riding techniques and we’ll show where to ride on traffic free routes around our villages.

Our 20 Minute Neighborhood’s project is part of a new national initiative aimed at helping local communities embrace cycling, walking and low-carbon travel over fossil fuelled alternatives. Arran’s villages naturally form 20 minute neighborhoods which our eBike scheme is able to use to great effect.

Arran Eco Savvy has already delivered eBike schemes encouraging island workforces and key workers to take advantage of our eBikes, this new project is now available to all members of Arran’s local community to enjoy the eBikes in our ’20 minute neighborhoods’ project, perfect for nipping to the shops, meeting at the café, visiting friends and staying healthy. Through past experience we have found that being able to ride eBikes with a partner has greatly enhanced use and enjoyment. If you’d like to borrow two eBikes in the same household, we’ll do our best to accommodate that.

Dr Bike Check Ups

Dust down your bike and bring it along to get a free safety check at our Hub Tuesdays. See our ‘Dr Bike’ mechanic and get your cycle checked over and minor repairs fixed, we’ll also point you to the right place to get more major repairs sorted! You can also quiz our ‘Dr Bike’ on maintenance issues and get some great bike fixing tips too!

eBike Servicing & Repair

Not only do we keep our own fleet of eBikes on the road but we’re now happy to service and repair your own eBikes at our EcoHub in Brodick. It’s a service you’ll find at most bike shops on the mainland which is now available from Eco Savvy, saving the expense and hassle of ferry trips. We’re dealing with Bosch motors primelary at the moment but let us take a look at others first before making a trip to the mainland.

Better Biking Tutored Rides

Using both on and off road routes from our EcoHub in Brodick, our qualified staff will improve confidence, experience and knowledge using communication, road positioning, trail techniques, group riding and observations. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and can be delivered individually or in a small group of up to 4 people, sessions could be extended into longer rides on request. Advice and information is available on Tuesdays at our EcoHub and on our website.

BikeRegister Security

We can now Mark & Protect your own bike for free with funding from NAC. Registering on BikeRegister means you could be reunited with your bike in the event of it being stolen. To reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of cycle theft, we can identify your bike with a laminated, tamper resistant warning label with unique QR code that can be scanned instantly with a smartphone. Just drop your bike into the EcoHub on any Tuesday and we’ll apply the label and Register the bike with you.

Wee Green Travel Map

This map is a call to leave cars at home and walk or cycle to work, to meet up with friends or do the shopping; because these changes, doubtlessly, will result in an altogether happier, healthier and greener island.

The aim of the Savvy Travel Map is to empower and encourage residents to take more environmentally proactive travel decisions in their day to day lives. By creating a community map that highlights the many routes within and between our villages, we aim to inspire a movement towards a change in habits.

Paper maps are available at the EcoHub or download it digitally.

Re-Charge Network

If you have cycled on Arran you will understand the challenges of cycling through our beautiful yet demanding terrain. Cycling with eBikes has enabled many more people to travel around Arran by bike but we understand the worry about running out of battery power, so we have collaborated with local businesses to build the Arran re-charge network. Lots of our island businesses are now supporting a greener, happier eBike friendly future by offering to let cyclists freely charge batteries at their premises. 

How To Cycling Videos & Tutorials

Find out where to access up to date information and online tutorials regarding national standards for cycling, walking and active travel.

Cycling on Arran

Visit the new VisitArran Cycling pages for all things on Arran.

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