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Arran Eco Savvy Community is an SCIO based on the Isle of Arran. Our aim is to deliver environmental projects to benefit our community. We work to increase sustainability, working towards zero waste for Arran.

Providing Learning Opportunities

We also work to provide learning opportunities and training for vocational skills which are of benefit to all ages and abilities. This helps to increase employment opportunities and allow individuals to move towards low carbon lifestyles.

Reduce Arran’s Carbon Footprint

Our aim is to reduce Arran’s carbon footprint. We do this by supporting residents and local businesses to make our home a greener and more sustainable place.

Helping make Arran sustainable

Arran Eco Savvy funding & projects

Our startup funding

From 2014 to 2016 Eco Savvy’s success was 100% self-funded through our local shop and donations.

Reuse and up-cycling

In 2017 Arran Eco Savvy was awarded funding for Arran Eco Savvy Reuse Micro-hubs. We received £63,436 from the The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund . This included a maximum funding of £31,718 from the European Regional Development Fund. Eco Savvy’s project created an island-wide network of reuse and up-cycling sites. These hubs encouraged local communities to come together to tackle waste and build a more sustainable future.

Domestic energy usage

In 2018 Arran Energy Challenge, was also funded by the Climate Challenge Fund. We were awarded £112,151 to deliver a year-long project to audit Arran residents’ domestic energy usage. The goal was to help the local community to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. We also held local Energy Surgeries at our Micro Hubs in each village around the island. This brought carbon literacy education, advice on lifestyle changes to each community.

Sustainable island life

In 2019 we embarked on 2-year Sustainable Island Life Project , again funded by the Scottish Government Climate Challenge Fund. This initiative added sustainable food and sustainable transport to the project’s scope of reducing the overall carbon footprint of the Isle of Arran.

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