We are always grateful for your donated items to sell in our shop. As a guideline, we accept anything “small and clean which fits on a shelf”.

Storage space is limited so please contact us before you bring anything along to the shop.

We’re operating a donation drop-off booking system during the pandemic so please contact us to make an appointment by email shopmanager.ecosavvy@gmail.com or telephone 01770 700417

What we can’t accept

There are some items we can’t accept including:

  • Car seats, prams, buggies, high chairs etc
  • Soft toys without CE label
  • Bike helmets and other safety equipment eg life jackets
  • Any gas appliance
  • Electric heaters, printers, large stereo equipment
  • Video tapes and any copied DVDs or CD

If in doubt. please check with us before donating and we will advise.

Where your item is free to a good home or too big for the shop…

• Take a digital photograph of the item and use the ‘FREE on Arran’ Facebook page
• Ask in the shop if you are unsure or telephone 01770 700417 and we will try to help

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Savvy Facts

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To prevent warming beyond 1.5°C, we need to reduce emissions by 7.6% every year from this year to 2030.

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