Where is the Community Shop?

The Arran Eco Savvy Community Shop is located in the centre of Whiting Bay and is run entirely by a team of amazing volunteers.

The Aims of the Community Shop

Eco Savvy’s aim was to explore every possibility of reuse for an item before sending it to landfill.  With the community shop, we help give unwanted objects a new lease of life and enable Arran residents to make use of these items, whether through repair, reuse or upcycling. 

Circular Economy

What we do at Eco Savvy fits with the concept of a circular economy. 

A circular economy is one which reduces pressure on natural resources, ensures that products are made to last or are repairable, and promotes reuse and recycling.  Waste is minimised in a circular economy.  Moving to a circular economy reduces our ecological footprint.

What do we sell

We sell a variety of pre-loved items including books, DVDs, clothes, small electrical appliances, jewellery, fabrics and much more.  In addition, we stock a range of eco products in the shop, from bamboo toothbrushes to biodegradable bin liners. 

Why not pay us a visit to see for yourself! We are open Monday through to Saturday from 10.30am to 4.30pm throughout the summer.
Closed on Sunday
Monday to Saturday
10.30am to 4.30pm

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