The Green Islands Net-Zero Project was developed in partnership with Arran EcoSavvy and North Ayrshire Council; and phase 1 was funded by the UK Government UK Community Renewal Fund. The aim is to support the islands of Arran and Cumbrae to accelerate the path to Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2030. The project has developed greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions baseline assessments for the Isles of Arran and Cumbrae with a high-level roadmap to achieve Net-Zero by 2030.

A second phase was developed by Arran Eco Savvy focusing on where data had been assumed in the first project, namely domestic energy consumption. The aims of this phase of the program were; to produce a dataset for domestic property energy consumption more accurate to the requirements of island life than national or county averages, to provide a community EPC assessment service, and provide testing of heating and energy saving products suitable for use within the home. This phase of the program was funded by the Scottish Government through Inspiring Scotland by the Rural and Island Communities Ideas into Action Fund.

Phase 1 Reports:

Arran Net Zero Plan

Arran is the seventh largest Scottish island with around 4,537 residents. It is often described as ‘Scotland in Miniature’ due to the dramatic and varying geography on the island.
View Arran Plan

Cumbrae Net Zero Plan

The Isle of Cumbrae, also known as Great Cumbrae, lies off the Ayrshire coast and is approximately four miles long and two miles wide.
View Cumbrae Plan

Phase 2 Report:

Green Islands Phase 2 Project Report

Having completed Phase 1 of the Green Islands Program, we looked towards domestic energy in order to refine our results and improve our knowledge of the Isle of Arran.
View Domestic Energy Report Outcomes

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