Get involved with our food strand to help you understand your influence on climate change through what you choose to eat. The food strand of the Sustainable Island Life project delivers two core activities:

  1. The Food Share – a surplus food redistribution programme in conjunction with the Co-op
  2. The Savvy Food Community (formerly Savvy Food program) – strengthening Arran’s sustainable food community through a wealth of resources, events and conversation

In Year 1, our fantastic network of volunteers collected and distributed almost £50,000 worth of food (that’s over 9 tonnes worth!) that was destined for landfill. With the lockdown we have made changes to the Food Share however the scheme continues to divert food from landfill 7 days a week. To find out more about the scheme and where you can access the food please see our Food Share page here.

In this second year of our Sustainable Island Life project we want to keep bringing you the local, sustainable food information you need, and continue to build Arran’s Savvy Food Community. Join our 300 Savvy Food Facebook group members here or, (if you don’t have Facebook) our mailing list to learn more about sustainable food behaviours and small changes that can be made to lower your carbon footprint. This year our focus is  on the following themes:

  • April- Taking a fresh look at food waste
  • May- Growing your own food
  • June- Food Localisation
  • July- Composting and soil health
  • August- Looking at the summer harvest
  • September- Focusing on Foraging and Fermenting
  • October- Autumnal delights, cooking with the season
  • November- Plastic- less shopping and joining European Week for Waste Reduction
  • December- Store cupboard cooking
  • January- Arran’s Veganuary, a plant based adventure!
  • February- Tackling our food waste
  • March- A celebration of food on Arran 

We will be back to hosting in person workshops as soon as we can and will be running online demonstrations looking at the themes above. Join our facebook group or mailing list to receive up to date information, tips and advice on environmentally friendly food choices on a monthly basis. Our free weekly film club also has a food focus at least once a month and you’ll be the first to know how to join the screenings! 

At the beginning of your sustainable food journey you will receive our Savvy Food Pack, a fermentation booklet and the Eco Savvy recipe book. Please complete our quick survey here to help us understand how we can help you eat more sustainably and support local climate action. We will send you all the resources once this is completed. 

Thank you for becoming a part of the Savvy Food Community, we look forward to working together to lower Arran’s carbon foodprint! 

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