Savvy Travel Map

We are very excited to share that we are currently in the development stages of creating an Arran active travel map designed for locals by locals to be used as a tool to assist and inform commutable routes in and between villages.

We have completed the first drafts of the two maps that are currently in development

The aim of the Savvy Travel Map is to empower and encourage residents to take more environmentally proactive travel decisions in their day to day lives. By creating a community map that highlights the many routes within and between our villages, we aim to inspire a movement towards a change in habits.

This map will be a call to leave the cars at home and walk to work, let’s cycle to meet up with friends or do the shopping; because these changes, doubtlessly, will result in an altogether happier, healthier and greener island.

Savvy Travel Map North and East

Lochranza, Sannox, Corrie, Brodick, Lamlash
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Savvy Travel Map West and South

Lochranza, Blackwaterfoot, Kilmory, Kildondan, Whiting Bay
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