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We aim to allocate our eBikes as quickly as possible depending on demand. An eBike loan is free to use and can last up to one month, it should preferably start and finish on Tuesdays at our EcoHub at the Ormidale Pavilion in Brodick. Open every Tuesday from mid morning until mid afternoon with lots of space for learning all about the eBikes before taking them home. We'll also aim to give instruction and cycle tuition, both at the Hub and out on the roads and trails, advice and tuition will be available on maintenance and riding techniques and we'll show where to ride on traffic free routes around our villages.
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20 Minute Neighbourhoods

Our 20 Minute Neighbourhood’s project is part of a new national initiative aimed at helping local communities embrace cycling, walking and low-carbon travel over fossil fuelled alternatives. Arran’s villages naturally form 20 minute neighbourhoods which our eBike scheme is able to use to great effect.

Arran Eco Savvy has already delivered eBike schemes encouraging island workforces and key workers to take advantage of our eBikes, this new project is now available to all members of Arran’s local community to enjoy the eBikes in our ’20 minute neighbourhoods’ project, perfect for nipping to the shops, meeting at the café, visiting friends and staying healthy. Through past experience we have found that being able to ride eBikes with a partner has greatly enhanced use and enjoyment. If you’d like to borrow two eBikes in the same household, we’ll do our best to accommodate that.

You could also consider becoming a Member or supporting Eco Savvy with a small, voluntary donation that might help keep our projects sustainable into the future.

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