Global Day of Action Arran 2022

Arran Eco Savvy are delighted to support the Global Day of Action on Arran, organised by an informal network of individuals.

Eco Savvy supports the global movement fighting for climate justice and recognise that the Global North are not doing what is required to keep temperature rises below 1.5 degree.  

Many nations are still to meet many of the pledges made at COP26 last year and without massive urgent changes, we all face a frightening and changing world.

We will all be affected but already those in the Global South, who have contributed the least to the causes of climate change are the ones most impacted, with rising sea levels, devastating floods, droughts and wildfires impacting on basic human needs such as clean water, food, homes and livelihoods.

We call on the leaders attending COP27 in Egypt to prioritise developing a collective agreement to address the devastating impact on the Global South and dramatically and immediately reduce the use of fossil fuels and switch resources to the development of renewables, to make it possible to meet any meaningful targets.

Arran Eco Savvy are focused on supporting the community of Arran to become a greener and more sustainable island.

We have several exciting projects that people can get involved in and all are welcome at our Hub Tuesdays at the Ormidale Pavilion between 11am and 3pm.

  • We have our Active Travel team who can arrange free ebike loans for up to a month, provide free bike safety checks and security marking plus ebike servicing and repairs.
  • Our Sustainable Food project is now running Zero Waste Cafes in Shiskine, Lochranza and Corrie offering a healthy lunch, local produce plus dried goods to fill your own containers and reduce waste, all on a donation basis.
  • The Food Share run with the Co-op is now back out in the community 7 nights a week reaching 8 villages and so far saving over 40,000 kg (quarter of a million £) from going in the bin
  • Our Eco Savvy shop in Whiting Bay continues to sell preloved goods and reduce waste as well as selling a range of eco products.  
  • Arran Community Renewables is actively pursuing a community solar panel scheme on Arran
  • The Green Islands Project in collaboration with North Ayrshire Council is assisting businesses on Arran and Cumbrae to complete carbon emission audits and identify how they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Everyone is affected by the climate emergency and everyone is welcome to get involved in the work we do at Eco Savvy.

We would love to see you at any of the above events 😊

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