On the run up to International Women’s Day, we are excited to honor the incredible women who drive sustainability, innovation, and positive change on Arran.

Join us as we turn a spotlight towards some of the remarkable women behind Arran Eco Savvy.

In this blog, we hear from some of the women who work and volunteer for our projects, from the Active Travel Hub to the Zero Waste Cafe and our Community Shop.

We asked them the question “Why do you love working at Eco Savvy?”

Their answers represent the spirit of International Women’s Day, showing resilience, creativity, and dedication as they strive for a greener, more sustainable future for everyone.

Introducing some of the women behind Eco Savvy

Hilary Maguire – Trustee

“I 💚 volunteering as a trustee of AES because we have always punched above our weight and achieved so much in the fight to protect our environment!! And I want the world to see that if we can do it – so can they!!”

Emma Tracey – Active Travel Hub Officer

“I love the bike chat, I love getting to meet with the interesting folks of Arran, having big chats about the joy of cycling and getting excited about how things can be made better. I also love the cheesy grins that folks get when they go on an e-bike for the 1st time :)”

Donna Gold – Zero Waste Cafe Officer

“The environmental benefits of the project such as reducing the need for car travel to shop for food are fantastic. I’m most passionate about the way the work supports the community, providing a space for socialising and gathering and there’s nothing nicer than seeing the pleasure that folk get when being fed at the cafe!”

Jess Wallace – Sustainable Food Coordinator

“I really value the work we do with the community and love seeing folk return to the Zero Waste Cafe regularly to do their plastic-free shopping, pick up locally grown veg and enjoy some delicious home cooked soup and baking. Hosting workshops around food sustainability is great as they’re a space for learning, skill sharing and coming together to taste delicious new things! It’s also brilliant to be part of a wider team that’s passionate about the environment, sustainability and working with the Arran community.”

Nikki Harris – Shop Manager

Working at Eco savvy helps counteract all the negativity around climate change, breaking the spiral of doom perpetuated by world news with positive action. Our volunteers are so willing to try and save everything they can from landfill they are truly inspirational. They wash, iron, repair and promote preloved items making them last that much longer and saving more of earth`s precious resources.

Let’s continue to uplift and amplify the voices of everyone, not just today, but every day! Join us in celebrating #IWD2024, and stay tuned for more stories from the remarkable people of Arran Eco Savvy.

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