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In February we’ve been following the Slow Food Planting the Future campaign and it’s just reaffirmed our passion for pulses!

A passion for pulses

What’s so great about pulses? They’re not just delicious, they’re also a powerhouse of nutrition for both us and our planet. They have low greenhouse gas and water footprints, enrich the soil through nitrogen fixation (meaning they take nitrogen from the air and fix it in the ground, naturally fertilising it and reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers), they are super budget-friendly and represent a sustainable source of protein.

You can find out more in this short video.

Here are some of our favourite recipes:

Zero Waste Cafe

You can find bulk green and red lentils, chickpeas, gram (chickpea) flour, dried butterbeans and marrowfat peas as well as a range of tinned beans (black beans, cannelini, black, kidney and more) at our Zero Waste Cafe.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Meals

Did you know that you can make some easy pulse swaps to reduce the carbon impact of some of Scotland’s most beloved dishes? Below shows the comparison for a Lentil shepherds pie and Coronation chickpeas. Not ready to make the swap completely? Including even 50% of the pulses really reduces the carbon foodprint of the meal. Want to know what other swaps you can make, check out the recipe cards here.

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