In a move towards a more sustainable future, Co-op Brodick has introduced a new initiative that allows soft plastic recycling. Store manager Niall recently shared the exciting news, showcasing the convenient location of the recycling bins at the end of the tills.

Now, you can bring in items like salad bags, vegetable wrappings, bread bags, and more, knowing that they will be responsibly recycled. This initiative marks a significant step towards reducing plastic waste in the community.

A big shoutout to the Big Co, the tireless efforts of TAP (Think About Plastic – Arran), and the supportive Arran community for making this environmentally friendly initiative possible. It’s amazing to see local businesses and the community coming together to contribute to a greener planet through soft plastic recycling.

Next time you visit the Co-op in Brodick, don’t forget to bring along your soft plastics for recycling. Together, we can make a positive impact on our environment. Kudos to all those involved for taking this eco-friendly initiative, and here’s to continuing to make Arran a greener island!

Helen How, Chair, Think About Plastic – Arran said:

Think About Plastic – Arran (TAP) have worked hard, in collaboration with nationally and Arran-based Co-op managers since 2019. This has been to overcome the challenges involved in recycling soft plastic waste from household shopping. We’re delighted that these bins are available for use. As a result of active individuals, Arran community groups and the Co-op working together, another step has been taken towards reducing single-use plastic on our island. It’s up to us all now to make sure we use the bins appropriately and consistently. Thanks to all those who have helped TAP in getting these bins for Arran.

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