Photo of Donna teaching at the Baking Course

From mid-May we ran our first cookery course focusing on plant- based baking for the six week block. Donna Gold, our resident Zero Waste Cafe baker and cook, designed and led the course on Monday evenings at the Arran High Schools home economics classroom.

This was a great opportunity for attendees to learn different techniques and to build their confidence with plant-based baking. Plant-based baking is not only for those who follow vegan diets but is also an inclusive way of baking for those with food allergies and intolerance’s to dairy and eggs. 

The course began with a simple scone recipe and as the weeks went on the recipes became more complex as egg alternatives such as chia eggs and vinegar/ milk mixes were explored. By the end of the 6 weeks the attendees left knowing how to prepare six different tasty bakes and feeling more confident in the kitchen! 

One of the attendees gave the following testimonial about the baking course:

It was very basic at the beginning but that was right for those that don’t bake much. The sessions progressed nicely and I think everyone was pleased with the Carrot cupcake finale! Even though I cook and bake plant based, I still learnt some useful things. Donna is a wealth of knowledge, and Jess and Megan pulled it all together. You were all very helpful, kind and friendly so it was a lovely atmosphere and something I looked forward to every week. I can’t wait until the next course 😃

Here is the recipe for the scones we made in week 1:

Many thanks to Mrs Uruquarht-Dixon and the Arran High School for the use of their facilities!

If you are interested in joining us for a cooking course or one-off cooking session in future email Jess on and she will keep you posted about our upcoming sessions.

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