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  2. Switch your browser & plant trees for free!
  3. Art competition: Call for climate & sustainable art
  4. Black Lives & Climate Justice Workshop (08/09)
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Savvy Film Club (online & FREE!):

Have you ever been thinking about buying something and the next time you are online, an advert for that very thing pops up on your screen?

I’m sure it has happened to most of us and can either make us feel uncomfortable, or can be welcomed as a convenience of the modern age. The mystery of how your devices can sometimes read your mind will be explained in this week’s film.

Join us tomorrow night for this hugely interesting documentary about the internet, which looks at security and how our data is used to bombard us with messaging and sell to us.

Pop an email to ruth.ecosavvy@gmail.com if you want to be sent the links to watch for free

As usual, following the film we also invite everyone to have a wee chat on facebook. If you wish to just watch the films and not participate in the chat, that is totally fine (no pressure!) but we would love to hear your thoughts and comments afterwards.

About the film:

“You’re Soaking In It is a chilling look at the issues of advertising in the age of algorithms. In the brave new world of advertising the ‘Mad Men’ have become the ‘Math Men’, a seismic shift that impacts the private lives of every consumer – literally every person on earth.”

Prior to the screening we will send you a link to enable you to watch the film for free, along with simple instructions on how to take part in the online chat.

If you would like to join please email ruth.ecosavvy@gmail.com rather than clicking “going” on the post. Due to ongoing hair tearing facebook antics we will no longer be using their booking/invite system.


Some simple things that you can do to protect yourself from unwanted ads and tracking:

1) Download AdBlocker – just be aware that it could affect your browsing speed
2) Use Firefox as your default browser and tailor your settings to be more secure:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Go to “Privacy & Security”
  • Set your browser to “Strict”

Couple this by also adding the Facebook Container extension which prevents Facebook from tracking you around the web.
3) Use a privacy focused search engine instead of Google, like Ecosia (see below) or DuckDuckGo

Switch your browser & plant trees for free!

Here at Eco Savvy we have switched to using ethical search engine, Ecosia rather than Google. Ecosia use the profits from their searches to plant trees.

To date, they have planted over 105 million trees! They also:

  • Have transparent financial practices so you can see where they spend their income
  • Are “privacy friendly”
  • Are “more than CO2 neutral” – their servers run on renewable energy, and every search request actually removes 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere (more info on that here)

Art competition: Call for climate & sustainable art

About the competition:

“We are inviting a global community of artists and partners to convene virtually, share the climate solutions that inspire them, their art, and their art-making process. The team will select one artist to be commissioned to paint a new street mural in NYC in September for Climate Week NYC 2020. In a world undergoing seismic change and desperate for healing, storytelling is more important than ever.

While world leaders will meet virtually at the UN General Assembly, the art submitted to GreenPoint EARTH 2020: Screens2Streets, and the artists, advocates, leaders and communities it engages, will serve as a call to action to create a sustainable equitable world for all, and a ongoing visual inspiration for tackling the global climate crisis.”

Black Lives & Climate Justice Workshop

Just another reminder that next week, Tuesday 8th September 2020, we will not be having a film screening as usual.

Our friends over at Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) will be holding this interactive workshop on the subject of Black Lives & Climate Justice, and therefore we will be encouraging people to attend this workshop.

About the workshop:

“Join Geoff Palmer to reflect on how structural racism impacts not just people of colour but also all of us in a country dominated by a continuing colonialism – benefiting from extraction of resources from the Majority World to maintain our profligate lifestyles.

An interactive workshop on intersectional dimensions of race and climate justice 6pm-8pm Tuesday 8 September.

Sir Geoff Palmer DSc OBE is Edinburgh & Lothians Regional Equality Council’s Honorary President – Professor Emeritus in the School of Life Sciences at Heriot Watt University and human rights activist.”

Ruth - Eco Savvy

Things that motivate me: climate justice & addressing all forms of inequality & protecting animals, wildlife & our environment.


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