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It’s nearly Tuesday again and tomorrow we will be screening a roughly one hour long documentary about “vanlife”.

Following the film we also invite everyone to have a wee chat on facebook as usual. However, this week we will be joined in the discussion by Cameron from Visit Arran who will be looking to hear your views on motorhomes and campers to the island. We expect some interesting debate this week!

If you wish to just watch the films and not participate in the chat, that is totally fine (no pressure!) but we would love to hear your thoughts and comments afterwards.

About the film:

“13 vanlifers from all over the world share their experiences in this documentary. Visuals that stretch from Italy, France, Morocco and Canada (and many other countries) carry their stories along.

The feeling of freedom, personal growth, happiness and celebration of choices – even the negative moments – shine throughout. The sense of community is tangible.”

What is “vanlife”?On a simple level, van life is an alternative lifestyle adopted by many people who pursue a basic lifestyle, while being able to travel with freedom.

Vanlife has been a growing phenomenon over the years both as a means of travel, but also as a lifestyle choice due to the escalating cost of living inevitably squeezing people’s pockets and affecting their mental health.

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Things that motivate me: climate justice & addressing all forms of inequality & protecting animals, wildlife & our environment.

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