The first enjoyable short meeting of the Arran GeoPark ecology reading group took place by Zoom on 19th April. It is hoped that further monthly meetings might be able to take place in person and possible venues were discussed. Malcolm Wilkinson set the context for the group and gave background on the forthcoming application for UNESCO accreditation for the Arran GeoPark. Initially, there will be discussions based on the recently published series of short books on ecology from Penguin.

Penguin books in front of holy isle

These are easy to digest, contain some wonderful writing and cover the last century of classic writers on ecology and the current climate catastrophe. Authors mentioned were Rachel Carson, whose Silent Spring gave birth to the environment movement, through to George Monbiot soon to appear at Aye Write! in Glasgow and Naomi Klein and Greta Thunberg.

Any additional readers wishing to join would be most welcome and should email John Page at


Things that motivate me : Movie 'This Changes Everything' by Naomi Klein. Book 'Utopia for Realists' by Rutger Bregman. Do one thing today, become an Earth Protector and help make Ecocide Law.

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