On Tuesday 14th May, Eco Savvy hosted Health Walk Leader trainer Kate Cuthbert, Active Travel Hub Officer from The Trinity Hub in Irvine.

Training Day

Six Arran participants look part and they all reported that they found the training very interesting; they learned how to risk assess and lead a health walk.

In the afternoon they tried out our new health walk leaders lead a walk part-way along Fisherman’s Walk in Brodick and had fun playing pooh sticks on the bridge and admiring the swans! Kate explained that it’s always fun to have some extra talking point or activity in the walk to make it more enjoyable and the smiles say it all!

Our Active Travel Hub, which is based in the Ormidale Pavilion on Tuesdays, has a rolling programme of health walks which now include Nature Walks and soon, other types of walk catering for different people such as buggy walks and after work walks. The main aim is to provide a range of inclusive walks which complement KA Leisure’s Nordic Walking and the Trinity’s StrollWithIt walk programmes.

Our Walk Programmes

Take a look at our what’s on page for more information; there’s now at least one walk a week to choose from in a variety of island locations, sometimes finishing conveniently at the Zero Waste Café where delicious soup and cakes are served and also where you can pick up bulk dried organic goods at low cost.

Those taking part in a local walk enjoy a whole range of benefits which include increased fitness, improved mood, and a chance to explore areas of the island they may have visited in a while. Many of our walks tie in with the bus time table and often participants lift share.

Health Walks are designed to be inclusive so the pace is gentle and the distance not to long! They are free to attend, risk accessed and lead by a trained Health Walk Leader. Awareness Week, let’s remember the profound impact that living an active lifestyle can have on our mental health. Together, let’s embrace movement, find balance, and nurture our minds for a brighter, healthier future!

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