April 22nd, 2020 is EARTH DAY!

On April 22, 1970, thousands of people gathered to raise awareness and demonstrate support for environmental protection. And the movement has continued since then.

To mark the 50th anniversary of this important day Eco Savvy have put together a 30 Day Challenge which we hope you will find fun and interesting!

We challenge you to complete and tick off as many of the tasks below as you can within 30 days. Some of them are easy and some of them require a bit more thought and commitment – and some of them you many do/have done already! Most of the challenges have links, so just click on the box to be taken to more info.

You can tackle the tasks in any order and we would love it if you shared on your social media and tagged your friends to challenge them as well! Use the hashtag #ArranChallenge

The team here don’t get off lightly and we will all be taking part in the 30 Day Challenge – we’ll keep you updated on how we’re getting on!

You can download the fully interactive PDF with links HERE or see below for relevant links for each challenge:
1. Make an Earth Day window sign.
3: Click here to complete the Food Quiz.
5. Go plant based for a day/week/month.
6. Click here for recipes to make something from the Eco Savvy Cook Book.
7. Click here to take the Eco Savvy Energy Quiz.
8. Support the Savvy Travel Map.
9. Keep your shower under 4 minutes
10. Read up about Arran’s Waste here.
11. Take the Eco Savvy Travel Quiz by clicking here.
12. Support the Food Share.
13. Check out Charlotte’s top 5 energy saving hacks.
14. Support the climate strikes online.
15. Give us your thoughts on a tool library here.
16. Share your savvy food recipes.
17. Join the Arran Lift Share page.
18. Switch to a green energy supplier.
19. Take the Eco Savvy Nature quiz here.
21. Become a Savvy Traveller: click here for info.
22. Go Veggie for the day/week/month.
24. Take part in the waste weigh challenge: click here for info.
25. Learn about fermentation.
26. Join the Savvy Food Programme.
27. Eat local for the day/week/month.
28. Plant/grow something: click here for info.
30. Become a member of Arran Eco Savvy.

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