Twenty experienced and novice cyclists attended Arran Eco Savvy’s Cycle Social Event last week! A bike maintenance demo, curry and quiz; a winning combo!

Bike Maintenance Demo

The night started off with a bike maintenance demonstration by bike mechanic, Wally Wallace. He focused on how to check a bike; from brakes to wheel alignment. And showed us the easiest ways of turning a heavy e-bike for repairing a puncture. It is actually easy to flip an e-bike over once you know how! Attendees learnt how to take the back wheel off without getting in a fankle with the chain and then take the tyre off without too much hassle for a puncture repair. It’s great to have these rules of thumb from an expert so if you get a flattie; you could attempt to repair it yourself without panicking!

Zero Waste Cafe

A delicious curry and cake from Eco Savvy’s Zero Waste Cafe was in plentiful supply. This put everyone in good spirits to round off the evening with a challenging cycle quiz!!

What did people think?

We’ve had great feedback about the evening! From newcomers to the island making new cycling friends and coming away with new knowledge, to the Arran E-bike Club pros who always welcome newbies.

Journey to Net Zero

It reaffirmed that the Arran Eco Savvy’s Active Travel Hub is here to support Arran cyclists and promote cycling on Arran for both enjoyment and health but also as part of the island’s journey to a net zero carbon emissions future.

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