Zero Waste Schools Competition 2016


Competition Winner

Roisin Ballantyne , Kilmory School

Roisin’s winning design is being used on a Clear Vinyl Window Stickers which will be displayed all around Arran by  participating businesses and local communities.

  • Supporting Eco Savvy’s Zero Waste Arran week, the aims of the competition window stickers are  to encourage all Arran visitors and residents to carry a refillable water bottle.
  • By displaying a window sticker businesses and communities will be extending a warm Arran welcome and helping reduce the single use plastic bottle.
Helping to make Arran a greener and more sustainable island.

Age Group winners and schools


Kilmory Primary School  



Corrie Primary School



Whiting Bay Primary

Our Judges had a very difficult job to do, the standard of all the entries was excellent.

Competition details


Zero Waste Arran Week 2016 is coming soon and Eco Savvy needs your help!

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on Arran could find clean drinking water at any time without ever having to buy water in single use plastic bottles?

That would reduce a lot of plastic on Arran, it would mean less plastic litter which often finds its way into the sea or landfill. Recycling is good but Eco thinks we don’t really need single use plastic bottles of drinking water.  Lots of Arran businesses would be very happy to refill a water bottle but how would a cyclist or a visitor know that?

But if they had a poster on the door or in the window everyone would know.

Eco Savvy is on a mission to help make that happen so he has designed a poster competition.

What to do

  • Design a poster to show everyone where water bottles can be refilled
  • Use Paint, crayons, felt tips or collage
  • Use A4 paper
  • Write your name , age and village at the top or bottom of the paper

Remember not everyone can read our language so the picture needs to tell a story to go with the words.

What Eco is looking for

  • a clear image which is easy to understand
  • can be seen by a cyclist
  • spotted by car passenger

one small picture – one big message

All entries will be displayed at the BGF in Whiting Bay Hall and again in Brodick Hall

Judging will take place at the Zero Waste Arran & BGF exhibition at 2pm in Brodick Hall on Saturday 17th September

A panel of judges will choose a winning entry from each age group and the overall winner.

Prizes will be awarded to any winning pupils present in Brodick, those not present will receive their prizes at their school (by arrangement)

The overall winner will be presented with their prize at their school (by arrangement)

Eco Savvy will use the design and convert it to Clear Vinyl Window Stickers; these will be displayed all around Arran by all participating businesses and local communities.

Completed entries may be handed in or posted to.

Eco Savvy Community Shop, Whiting Bay KA27 8PR

Entries must be received by Monday 12th September 2016