Zero Waste Arran 2016

Welcome  to Zero waste  Arran week

11th -18th September 2016

During this week we aim to demonstrate and  develop ways to reduce waste on Arran while providing lasting benefits through challenges, competition, workshops education and entertainment at our events, online and through competitions.

Zero Waste Arran 2016
Zero Waste Arran 2016

You are invited to

  • Join in with Eco Savvy challenges
  • Join our events
  • Sign up to national online events
  • Create your own event
  • Share your tips with Eco Savvy on Facebook
  • Email your tips to Eco Savvy

  • Recycle imageRefuse    
  • Re-Use
  • Recycle 

Keep up to date, if you can’t refuse or re-use  make sure you recycle everything possible.


Eco Savvy Shop
Eco Savvy Community Shop

Call into the Eco Savvy shop and pick up a Blue Bin leaflet.





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