We’re seeking food share volunteers! Are you able to spare a couple of hours a week to help prevent food being binned? If so, we want to hear from you!

The food share runs 7 nights a week in 8 villages around the Isle of Arran. Our network of volunteers collect the food from Coop at 8.15pm and then take it back to locations within their villages to distribute to the community.

One of our Food Share volunteers in Lamlash shared the following about why they volunteer; 

I have been a volunteer for approximately one year participating in the collection and distribution of surplus food. This initiative and all aspects of the food share ethos I am passionate about. Hence my involvement to do my part in helping to make a small difference for the future. Food share prevents some of the surplus food waste going to landfill which contributes to global warming and subsequently climate change. It is a way of’ giving back’ to the community and wider environment which sustains us all in life.

A couple of hours a couple of times a month is a relatively small effort but collectively 365 days a year can make a significant difference which has many rewards

“None of us can afford to throw away good food. That’s why our stores give products that are going out of date to local community groups at the end of each day to prevent food waste, so far we’ve given away over 3m meals and counting.” – Co-op

If you’re able to help with this, whether on a one-off or more regular basis then please contact jess@arranecosavvy.org.uk

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