Meet Darren Beeton, the go-to guy for fixing things on the Isle of Arran. With years of experience, Darren has opened a shop in Brodick, Brendarran Electrics, making waves in the community by refurbishing white goods. 

Sustainable Practices in Action

Darren is not just fixing appliances; he’s on a mission to care for our planet. Scrap metal goes to a recycling company, cardboard packaging gets a new life at the Isle of Arran community veggie beds, where it serves as a weed suppressant and becomes an essential ingredient in compost production. Additionally, the packaging is repurposed by the Arran distilleries.

A Peek Inside the Shop

Curious about what you can find in Darren’s shop? Here is a glimpse of the treasures waiting for you, from slow cookers to cordless vacuums and even refurbished washing machines. Learn how he works his magic, combining parts from different machines to create something good as new.

Testimonials from Arran Eco Savvy Team 

Juliette Walsh, our Active Travel Officer, shares how Darren saved her vacuum cleaner and washing machine.

 “Darren has kept our vacuum cleaner and washing machine going for a very long time with replacement parts which is amazing considering what a hammering they’ve had over the years!”

Helen Ross, our Trustee and Chair said:

“Our washer dryer was working well when we moved into our house.  However after 5 years of use and one repair it stopped working again and couldn’t be fixed.  We considered buying new but Darren had a reconditioned Miele washing machine in his shop.  These are high quality long lasting machines and Darren agreed to install it and recycle the old one. It makes sense environmentally, economically and because we don’t have to keep changing an important household item with all the stress involved.  We are really pleased with the outcome.”

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