Arran Eco Savvy is set to host a series of free energy workshops! This initiative, fuelled by recent funding, aims to provide businesses and households with the necessary knowledge and resources for sustainable living, contributing to a greener planet.

Securing Funds for Sustainable Action

Arran Eco Savvy is proud to be among the ten grassroots community groups and climate organisations in Ayrshire that have secured funds to facilitate and deliver impactful climate work. Find out more about Ayrshire Climate Hub here.

Invitation to a Greener Future: Free Energy Workshops

We are encouraging new participants interested in eco energy improvements to come along! Find out what your initial steps to a warmer, more environmental and cost-effective home may be. Most importantly, we are focused on actionable recommendations derived from Energy Performance Certificate assessments and energy audits.

Tailored Insights from Previous Engagement Work

On the back of previous learning and recommendations from our recent engagement work, three engagement sessions are scheduled. Our energy team is ready to support the whole island community to make connections and find answers to common concerns:

  • Which energy recommendations are going to improve my finances and wellbeing?
  • How can I help combat climate change with improvements to my home/business?
  • Why is reducing carbon emissions critical to reducing global warming?
  • What resources, including financial support, are there to further my progress?
  • What are the energy experts’ latest findings and recommendations?
  • How are my business eco credentials related to my business success?

A Supportive Energy Team

Arran Eco Savvy’s energy team is not here to make its own recommendations; its role is to bring together the latest know-how to help householders and businesses decide their next cost saving and planet saving steps. This includes arranging visits to alternative energy examples, providing information about the latest funding grants and facilitating contact between available installers including the island-based workforce.  

Get SAVVY about Energy Events: Dates

For those eager to delve deeper into the world of sustainable living and energy efficiency, the workshops promise to be an invaluable resource. Arran Eco Savvy invites islanders to join hands in the collective effort to create a warmer, more environmentally friendly, and cost-effective island.

  • Wednesday 28th February, Lochranza Centre, 1.30pm-4.30pm: meet the installers/next steps
  • Wednesday 6th March, Ormidale Pavilion, Brodick, 9am-12pm: presentations by energy & carbon neutral experts
  • Tuesdsay 19th March, Ormidale Pavilion, Brodick, 5pm-7pm: discuss your energy options (home & business)

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