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Application Closing Date: 9th August 2021

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Introduction & Background

Eco-Savvy is a fully registered SCIO organisation (SC045785) set
up in July 2015 governed by its Board, consisting of Charity Trustees.

It is a community and environmental charity on the Isle of Arran whose aims are the advancement of education and the advancement of environmental protection or improvement.

Membership is free and open to all those over 16’s who support our aims. Open meetings and trustee meetings are held regularly. Information about the group may be found on our Facebook page with links to specialist project groups.

Aims and Objectives

of Eco Savvy

The Arran Eco Savvy Community is a group based on the Isle of Arran with the aim of identifying and accomplishing environmental projects to benefit our community, increase environmental sustainability and support sustainable living, whilst
working towards zero waste for Arran.

We also work to provide learning opportunities and training for vocational skills which are of benefit to all ages and abilities. This helps to increase employment opportunities and allow individuals to move towards low carbon lifestyles.

For the past seven years, we have aimed to reduce waste on the Island by successfully running our Community Shop and Hub in the village of Whiting Bay, via volunteer staff, to promote zero waste, and selling second hand and eco products that help reduce plastic.  In 2017 we were awarded our first funding from the Scottish Government, Climate Challenge Fund and the European Regional Development Fund to deliver a 12 mth project across the island conducting Micro Hubs, workshops and climate awareness events. In 2018 we continued to receive Climate Challenge Fund support to conduct the Arran Energy Challenge. This project has conducted domestic energy audits for residents helping them reduce their energy use and assisting in the uptake of renewables. The charity also runs a range of projects, for which volunteer support would also be desirable.  In 2018, Eco Savvy received funds from the Volunteer Action Fund (VAF) to encourage further volunteer uptake and to support the existing volunteers. In 2019 we are widened our focus with the Sustainable Island Life project, funded again by the Climate Challenge Fund. This was a two year initiative covering energy, transport and food, improving understanding and taking action