Become a Trustee

Eco Savvy is seeking to appoint up to three new Trustees.  We wish to appoint Trustees who will strengthen and support Eco Savvys’ ongoing work through knowledge, networking, and experience, in accordance with its charitable aims.

Eco Savvy are looking for individuals with strong environmental conscience and a passion for working towards a sustainable future.  We are particularly looking for individuals with backgrounds in administration, project development or the environmental/engineering sectors, but would also welcome individuals with other experience relevant to our work. An understanding of Charity regulations is desirable but not essential.  An understanding of the issues facing island living is important, as well as strong ambassadorial skills to work with the community of Arran.

The trustees will:

  • Meet once a month.
  • Support our current projects and develop new possibilities. 
  • Work in partnership with the other trustees to ensure the charity is effectively managed.
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to the office bearers of the charity
  • Be prepared to initiate, support, represent the charity or take leadership in activities which are aimed at making Arran a zero-waste, energy efficient sustainable Island.

Skills Sought

Administration, Project Development, Sustainable Development, Business Development, Governance, Community Engagement


Annual – Elected each year at AGM


Travel Expenses Paid

How to Apply

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch to tell you more and arrange an informal chat with one of the trustees.

Please also follow this link to find out more about our current board of  Eco Savvys Trustees 


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    About the Organisation

    The Arran Eco Savvy Community is a group based on the Isle of Arran with the aim of identifying and accomplishing environmental projects to benefit our community, increase environmental sustainability and support sustainable living, whilst working towards zero waste for Arran.  

    Our strategy is:

    • To mobilise and energise a wide ranging large environmental community group on the Isle of Arran.

    • Through growing membership which is free and open to all over 16’s who support the aims and purpose of Arran Eco Savvy.

    • To identify and develop local environmentally beneficial projects.

    • To enhance the local community & environment by finding solutions which are of benefit to the local community and environment whilst improving environmental sustainability on Arran

    • To provide learning opportunities and training for vocational skills which are of benefit to all ages and abilities. This helps to increase employment opportunities and allow individuals to move towards low carbon lifestyles

    • To support collaborative working with other organisations who share our aims and values.

    • To make a positive contribution to the community & strive towards financially sustainable developments.