A New Message from Eco Savvy

COAST & Eco Savvy

Eco Savvy and Arran Community Of Arran Seabed Trust  COAST are joining forces to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our seas and beaches through an Eco-marine Competition and Craft day.

Please remember to pick up any beach plastic on the shore and put it in the bin outside Eco Savvy or use the Kildonan beach bin.

Plastics bin xxx

Eco Savvy will make this bin available at all times for beach plastic litter disposal.   The contents will be checked and all the litter which is possible to  recycle will be put in the blue recycle bins.

Eco Marine poster

eco marine 1 xx

message xxmessage 2 xxeco marine 3 xx

Eco Savvy’s message

eco marine busy xx

eco marine 2 xx

creating xxnadia xx

eco marine prize giving xx

A busy event and great to be working with   COAST