Zero Waste Solutions

Zero Waste Solutions

An Eco Savvy Zero Waste Solution


Outdated Technology is very difficult to sell.

Solutions need to be found for recycling items like cassette recordings and videos

These items cannot be recycled due to a coating on the tape.


  • Remove the Video or Cassette from the plastic case
  • This plastic case can be put into your Blue Bin

The cassette or video must go in the Black Bin

  • But you can do much more with the cases
  • Turn the paper sleeve and add a favourite photograph
  • Add a picture or leave it clear
  • You can now use this case for many things.
  • We chose to use an old calendar with great results

1 xxxvideo xx

Send your suggestions for Video cases ideas to Eco Savvy
  • Take a tiny screwdriver
  • Undo the screws and separate the cassettes
  • Now separate the components

unscrew video xxvideo cases xxx

spacers xxxspools xxx

You will have

  • 2 outer black plastic cases
  • 2 plastic spools and tape
  • White and silver risers

We threaded the risers onto a bootlace and made a stylish necklace for our mannequin

necklace xx

  • What would you do?
  • What can we do with the outer cases?
We can now recycle them

Now to find a use for the tape & spools

We created an art project using the tapes.

Art of video xx

We also knitted some tape.

knitting video xxknit xx


Knitted tape xxxzero waste shop camera 089

Next we had some fun up-cycling an outfit for our mannequin.

mannequin full xx

The mannequin’s jacket is embellished with knitted video tape , the skirt and sleeves are made using vintage chair backs.

Please note Video Tape is highly flammable

  • Keep away from naked flames.
  • The best use for knitted tape would be decorative use and for outside use, like a bag.
Did you know If each adult on Arran had just one unwanted video & put it in the black bin, the result would be:
1 ton of waste going to land fill.
That would be 3,333 videos!
Eco Savvy can’t deal with them all!
So please try this simple zero waste challenge

even if you send the tape only to landfill, you will have made a substantial difference.

zero waste week video challenge xxxzero waste challenges xxx

zero waste week 1 051