Zero Waste Arran Week for your School 2015

Welcome to the first Zero waste Arran week     2015        Join Eco Savvyzero waste logo xx

Competition : Bag for life design

Design a Bag for Life for zero waste Arran

All pupils

  • Draw a picture for a “bag for life” design
  • Something to represent Zero waste Arran
  • Divide into age groups or classes
  • Choose the best design from each group

The winning design from each group  can be copied onto bags,  either by pupils or Eco will find artists to copy them.

Eco will supply the bags & pay for any fabric paints needed.

PRIZE An Eco Pack for each pupil entry

Eco would like all pictures and finished bags to come along to Whiting Bay Hall for Saturday 12th where will display all the pictures and the bags at our Zero waste and Big Arran Feast event.

At 4pm the  winning bag designers will be awarded their prizes along with all other Arran entries.

This will be filmed (where permitted) by Positive pictures who will be filming  during the whole day to produce 4 short films to raise awareness of Eco Savvy and zero waste Arran. It is intended to have the films uploaded to you tube and the Eco Savvy website will post the links. The film can also be assembled on DVD. We hope pupils will come along with parents and join in the fun.

Following the event we will return all the pictures and bags for life.


 Suggested Zero waste Arran week for schools

Read on for your week’s challenge 

Day 1 – Monday 7th September

  • Introducing The Bin Detectives

  • Welcome to our project for training bin detectives !

  • Whole school action:

  • How to carry out your own rubbish audit

Click to download

Eco Savvy Whole school Bin Diet 

Adapted from


Day 2 – Tuesday 8th

Plastic Free Tuesday

Reduce your plastic with plastic free Tuesdays

Here is a poster to download

Why?  Discussion

Pupil Challenge. 

  • Try not to use any or bring to school any plastic today.

  • Tell Eco Savvy how you got on. 

  • What did you do?

  • Was it easy?

  • Could you do this every day?


Day 3 – Wednesday 9th

Wardrobe Wednesday

Pupils are encouraged to get everyone at home to look through their wardrobes and bring to school old clothes & shoes etc.                                 For the rag bag/ recycle bin.

  • Where do they go?

  • How are they reused?

  • What can we put in them?


 Day 4 – Thursday 10th

Thinking  Thursday!

Think about & talk about simple changes you can make to reduce your waste every week of the year.

We would like you to send us a simple idea, include your name and School and we will share your ideas on our website. Or bring them along to The Big Arran Feast & Zero waste event on Saturday 12th event and we can display them for everyone.

Think while you walk?

Go for a walk and collect some berries.


Day 5 – Friday 11th

Plastic Monster

Don’t feed the plastics monster!

Make one School monster or share your plastic from the week’s collection between classes and make several monsters using all the plastic from your school bins.

There is a prize on Saturday for the best Monster.

You can send us your plastic monster entry by emailing an image on Friday or by bringing it to the hall on Saturday.




Complete your Bin Diet

Bin Diet Results can also be sent to Eco Savvy. We are happy to put any reports, pictures or stories etc onto Eco Savvy’s Schools page on our website

A Special Prize for your School if you have reduced your black bin.


School too busy for all the challenges?

Why not choose just one day’s challenge.

Eco Savvy is happy to support your school where we can

Contact us 

Please let us know which challenges your school will be doing.

Eco Savvy Whole school Bin Diet download


Good Luck