Day 4 – Thursday 15th Sept. 2016

All day Exhibition &  workshops

Whiting Bay Hall 10.30am  -3.00pm

The B.G.F.

We have something for everyone  at our exhibition this year

Eco Savvy invites you to come along and join him following man’s footprints on an  environmental journey through the ages,                   leading to today and our use of the plastic bottle.

You will meet some interesting historical characters on the way. They will tell you a little about changes which happened during their lifetime and discuss some of the impacts these changes made on lives and the environment.

When your journey arrives at the plastic bottle you will have choices to make and different paths to follow

  • Take a path with COAST and find out what happens when plastic bottles end up in the sea
  • Find out how to clean up our beaches & recycle the plastic litter with Eco Savvy
  • Learn about land fill
  • Take the recycling route with N.A.C. find out what happens to the contents of the blue bins and what is changing.

When your journey is complete you are invited to share your suggestions and ideas about the plastic bottle “What comes next”?

The Workshops from 10.30am – 2.30pm

Please check back for confirmed workshop times

Backyard Composting

Ceilidh Keyworth                                           (Arran Community Land)

 A Question of Compost

  • Why should I bother composting?
  • Why is my compost slimy?
  • I tried composting but the rats got in so I gave up.
  • I have a bad back so I can’t turn a compost heap.Whatever your experience (or lack of experience) of composting, come see some different types of composting and chat to Ceilidh about solutions to some common problems.

growing imagesJenny & Andy MacDonald                                   (Arran Community Land)

   Growing Activity

Innovative ideas for using unwanted containers to grow yummy food!

Matt Searles                                                                                                              (Arran Community Land)

 Building on Recycling

Come and help use recycled materials gathered on Arran to         build a recycling statement.

Bag 2 xx

Louise  Mackie                                                       (Eco Savvy Guest)

Bag making from waste packaging        from 11.30am

The challenge

N.A.C. waste awareness will introduce you to “The right bin” and answer your questions                                                                                         “What happens to the blue bin contents after it is collected on Arran” ?

Eco Savvy has a challenge, all you have to do is choose the right bin(blue or black) for a selection of waste household items. Can you get them all right?   Eco rewards for top scorers

The Taste Test Learn how to make a paper cup, now use your cup and sample 3 types of drinking water                                                                Tap water, filtered tap water & bottled water.                                           Will you be able to taste the difference?  

Display of Primary Schools Competition  entries  at the B.G.F.    

Eco Savvy said   “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on Arran could find clean drinking water at any time without ever having to buy water in single use plastic bottles?

That would reduce a lot of plastic on Arran, it would mean less plastic litter which often finds its way into the sea or landfill. Recycling is good but Eco thinks we don’t really need single use plastic bottles of drinking water.  Lots of Arran businesses would be very happy to refill a water bottle but how would a cyclist or a visitor know that? If they had a poster on the door or in the window everyone would know. ”                                     Eco Savvy is on a mission to help make that happen so he has designed a poster competition.

Pupils are invited to – Design a poster to show everyone where water bottles can be refilled

Judging will take place at the Zero Waste Arran & BGF exhibition at 2pm in Brodick Hall on Saturday 17th September  where a panel of judges will choose a winning entry from each age group and the overall winner.                                                                                                           Prizes will be awarded to any winning pupils present in Brodick, those not present will receive their prizes at their school

Eco Savvy will use the overall winning design and convert it to Clear Vinyl Window Stickers; these will be displayed all around Arran by all participating businesses and local communities.

Entries from our primary schools will be on display in the hall


Exhibition and display of  up-cycled work from local businesses and  Eco Savvy members.

Come along and get inspired , talk to the makers and buy their products (if they have goods for sale)


Available all day;  

  • Teas, Coffee, Juice, Water
  • Cakes & Biscuits.
  • 12 – 2pm  Homemade Soup and a Roll

Visitors Packed Lunches

Seating will be provided in the lesser hall for school groups  and anyone  wishing to bring a packed lunch.

Eco Savvy looks forward to seeing you all Eco Savvy smiley

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We are not going to tell you how to do this

We would like you to tell us

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