Day 3 – Wednesday 14th Sept. 2016

Eco Savvy- Swap- Shop 

for your clothes and accessories

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Repair – Re design & Re make Workshop

 14th Sept.  Whiting Bay Lesser hall 10.30am  – 1.30pm

  • Love the fabric but not the style?
  • Is your dress too long,  too big ?
  • Annoying stain or rip on your favourite top?

Come along to our Repair – Re design & Re make Workshop where the very talented Chrissy, Gillian and Pauline will be on hand with scissors and sewing machines to help.  A selection of clothing from Eco Savvy will also be available to swap at the hall.

What to do

  • Bring clean unused or unwanted items of nice clothing and accessories to Eco Savvy  during zero waste week
  • maximum 3 items
  • Swap your items
  • Repair, re design or re make if needed (Wednesday am ONLY)
  • Enjoy

Wardrobe Wednesday Ideas

You will be so pleased when you have completed this challenge!

IMG_160410 Simple Steps to complete

  1. Look in your wardrobe for all clothes, shoes & bags you do not wear or use.
  2. Now sort into piles them ready for moving them on.
  3. Re-make or Repair
  4. Up-cycle them to re-purpose
  5. If wool Shrink wash and felt for crafting
  6. pass them on to family or friends
  7. Sell them online
  8. Donate them to Eco Savvy or your local charity shop
  9. Take to your local school’s rag bag or a clothes bank
  10. Cover your compost with  natural fabrics

Enjoy you re-purposed items and all that space!

Look here for More ideas!

Eco Savvy can now accepts bras

details to follow.

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