Day 2 – Tuesday 13th Sept. 2016

Whiting Bay Lesser Hall

from 6.30 pm      All Welcome

Come along and  join us for a social evening  with some fun crafting Eco Style!

In preparation for The B.G.F. exhibition on Thursday and Saturday Eco Savvy needs dozens of  paper, & card footprints and a giant plastic bottle  to be created from beach plastic litter and other single use plastic bottles.

To  make the feet

  • we need a lot of pairs of hands!  

To make the giant bottle we need

  • lots of volunteers
  • some tall volunteers 
  • and a glass of wine!

Plastic Free Tuesday

Try to go plastic free on Tuesday 13th September

On Plastic Free Tuesday we try not to buy anything made of plastic or containing plastic, especially single use plastic wrapping.

WHY? Plastic causes harm in many ways. It clogs our oceans, injures and kills birds and marine mammals, causes air pollution when burnt, poisons our food on entering the food chain via fish and it never goes away. As time passes it breaks into smaller and smaller particles – microplastics –which pick up toxicity and can affect all life.

‘Disposable’ plastic products form a large part of household waste. But they cannot be truly disposed of. It costs a lot of money to manage and process this waste.

HOW? There are plenty of brilliant alternatives – cotton, linen, bamboo, wool, glass, paper, steel, wood, hemp fibre…. Refusing to buy or throw away plastic opens our eyes to so many new materials, products, ideas, ways of living.

It’s not easy. Our world has been set up around plastic, especially packaging and containers, for years now. We suggest starting with just one day. It takes time to break old habits, but we can change one habit at a time and find delightful new solutions.

plasics monster

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Can you do it?                    How did you get on?

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Don’t feed the plastics monster! 

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