What kind of shop ?

The Arran’s Eco Savvy Community shop  is located in the centre of Whiting Bay, and is re-opening a premises which has been unused for many years. 

The shop opened to customers on April 19th 2014, it is the last chance saloon for your goods before landfill. Things that could have a new life and may be useful to the diverse needs of the Arran residents. It might be repaired, re-used or simply become something different. We will explore every possibility of reuse before it becomes rubbish and any creative solutions and craft idea to provide affordable options for a new use.

The building was constructed in the early 1900s by the present owner’s Grandfather and has been a Draper, a Tobacconist and a Post Office during its long history. It had been empty and unused for many years before the Arran Eco Savvy Community refurbished it to open our new shop.

Eco Savvy is a shop with a few differences, as well as accepting your donations it will act as a “second chance” shop helping you to receive a share of the final selling price. This will enable you to sell items in the shop and make back some money for yourself. The shop will be stocked with second hand items in good clean working order.

Items which have been up-cycled, and your items which have a potential to be up-cycled will be for sale. This will offer the chance for you as an up-cycler to repair or improve items that would have been unusable and sell them and make a profit.

When you start spring cleaning put things aside and email Eco Savvy so we can give you more details of when and how to donate, give your things a second chance, up cycle them or volunteer in the shop.

Using your donations of unwanted craft items, we will search for creative solutions and suggestions to provide affordable options for a new use.

If you have any spare time, craft skills, need to raise some extra cash come and pop in to our shop. Get in touch online or give us a call if you want to meet new people, want to be involved in a positive, fun, green group come and meet other savvy people.


April 6, 2014