Sustainable Island Life

Arran Eco Savvy will deliver a 2 year  “Sustainable Island Life Project”. This multi-faceted project will continue existing focus on energy efficiency, but additionally target two other low-carbon strands, namely, sustainable food and sustainable transport.

Energy Efficiency Audits

Eco Savvy will continue energy efficiency audits, targeting 150 homes, and continue island wide energy surgeries in our hubs. Additionally, we will increase emphasis on renewables, encouraging take up to build into into widespread take up in current project.

Specifically, we will be targeting homes which are poorly represented in current audit bookings, for example those struggling with the on-line booking platform,and those in social isolation.

Sustainable Food

Aim – to reduce reliance on carbon intensive transported food and save a considerable amount of food from landfill through a food share scheme with the main supermarket on Arran. This will include:

  • A community fridge/freezer to allow access, distribution of surplus food 
  • Cooking and educational  themed workshops using surplus food across the island

This will contribute to engagement with Eco Savvy’s planned Green Waste & Food Waste projects .

Sustainable Travel & Transport

Eco Savvy will target areas of transport which address both the remoteness of the North and South of the island, as well as the more densely populated central villages where the amount of car traffic is a growing concern.


    1. Promote Low-Carbon Transport and reduce car journeys

  • Implement a car and lift sharing platform
  • Offer Fuel Efficient Driver Training
  • Encourage local cycling for routine journeys, shifting cycling away from the main road, to increase safety and make regular cycling more achievable.
  • Encourage walking to replace car journeys.


    2. Deliver a community eBike Scheme

  • We have been awarded a grant from Transport Scotland’s Energy Saving Trust eBike fund allowing for 6 bikes which we aim to expand through this Sustainable Life Project. Our current local community eBike scheme is promoting and implementing the use of eBikes on island to replace residents’ everyday car journeys.
  • A larger fleet of Trial Ebikes and trailers will enable us to offer a more diverse fleet to cater to different sizes, ages and purposes of use, such as folding bikes, e-cargo bikes to replace car use for a weekly shop.
  • Ebikes will appeal to audiences that may not be currently engaged with cycling on the island due to the steep hills and long distances, and personal physical fitness.

     3. Develop Arran’s first Green Community Transport Map.

  • Distributed free of charge to local residents, the series of maps in booklet form will identify solutions to make every day low carbon behavior the norm.
  • Highlight prominent off-road cycling routes, and promote all ways of green and sustainable travel for residents
  • Many locals are unaware of the ease of getting around their villages and to neighbouring villages on foot; hence the need to identify entrances and locations of informal tracks, walking routes, coastal ways and paths.
  • The map will emphasize our network of hubs- which will provide check-in and maintenance points for bike travelers and walkers, and water refill points from 50 local businesses involved in our existing scheme.

Carbon Literacy

All outcomes of the project deliver aspects of climate literacy education. This will be paired with expansion of our Carbon Literacy Scheme which sees education being delivered through our community shop, at our workshops, and frequent events in schools and in the wider community.  

As we significantly increase collaboration with like-minded groups on the island, we believe this multi-faceted project will contribute hugely to Arran residents and groups’ collective quest for sustainability and environmental improvement.