Heres a great chance to learn some basic bike repair and maintenance skills! Bring your own bike or just come a long to observe. Refreshments provided. Next Monday 3-6pm. We hope to see you there!








micro hub launch

Friday 30th June  @ The Lochranza Centre



Arran Eco Savvy Community SCIO

Registered Charity SC 045785


Wednesday 7th June

6.30 pm Whiting Bay Village Hall


Come along for a presentation by Michael Gettins of Eco Savvy’s Reuse Micro-Hubs Project

Help shape this project with your ideas & suggestions for                       50 reuse workshops
Enjoy refreshments and meet the Eco Savvy team.

All Welcome

Jumble & Table top Sale
Re-home small clean unwanted items.
Pass it on

Saturday 11th March

Whiting Bay Hall

Doors open 11am

Teas Coffee & Cakes
Contact Eco Savvy 700411

Ladies, Men’s Children’s Clothing
Shoes Bags and Accessories
Sporting Equipment
Picture Gallery
Electrical Goods
Bric a brac
Interesting bits!
Floor tiles & Wallpaper
Sale of Books, Toys and Puzzles

Donations accepted of clean household items, clothing accessories and all fabrics. Crafting supplies and haberdashery.

Bring your Jumble to Eco’s shop during opening hours 10.30 – 4.30 Mon to Friday , Wednesday’s 10.30 -1.30pm or to the village hall on Saturday 11th between 9.30am & 10.30 am

Small working electrical items can be brought to Eco Savvy Community shop before the 7th March to allow PAT testing.

We are also looking for seeds, edible plants, garden tools, plant pots, gardening/vegetable growing books, waterproof clothing and good welly boots for the Arran Community Land Project

Items we can’t accept

We can’t accept furniture at this event.
No items of Safety or gas appliances or heaters thank you.
No printers

Table Top Sale

If you are having a large clear out, you may wish to book a table to sell your own items.
Tables are just £5 and to be used for the purpose of re-homing unwanted items.
To book a table please

Eco’s Jumble Sale is complimented by a week of community “Pass it on around Arran”

Pass it on Week 11-19 March 2017

Scotland’s annual re-use week is the most fun, social and flexible environmental week in the calendar. Get swapping, sharing, donating or repairing literally any type of item – from clothes to bikes, from books to sports kit, from gadgets to tools. Keep your stuff in use for longer, and let people to see that although they’ve finished with something, it can be still have a useful life with someone else.

Join in and Pass it on.

Eco Savvy Shop will be closed on the 11th, we will all be at the Jumble Sale.
The shop will reopen on Monday 13th with a
SHOP SALE 13th – 18th March
all items 50% off (excluding member’s items)

Eco Savvy is helping to make Arran a greener and more sustainable island.


Zero Waste Arran 2016


Eco Savvy zero waste Arran  events  

All Welcome  

Tuesday  13th September.  (details here)                                                  Social Crafting Evening @  Whiting Bay Lesser Hall from  6.30pm

Wednesday 14th September. (details here)

Clothes & Accessories Swap Shop @ Eco Savvy 10.30am  – 4.30pm

Repair, re design & re make Workshop @ Lesser Hall 10.30 -1.30pm

Thursday 15th September. (details here)                                                              All day Exhibition &  workshops @ Whiting Bay Hall 10.30 -3.00pm    The Big Green Footprint

Friday 16th September. (details here)                                                                   Beach Clean with COAST    meet outside Sandbraes church 9.30am  

Saturday 17th September. (details here)                                                               All day Exhibition &  workshops @ B rodick Hall 11.00 -3.00pm    The Big Green Footprint.                                                                                          Schools Competition display & Prize giving

Eco Marine poster

Eco Savvy and Arran COAST are joining forces this summer to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our seas and beaches through an Eco-marine Competition and Craft day.

Prizes for all entries

Look out for colourful decorated up-cycled dustbins in Whiting Bay, Kildonan, Lamlash & Brodick all villages are invited to join in, please contact Eco Savvy or COAST for details.Plastics bin xxx

Beach litter plastics can be place in this bin outside Eco Savvy at any time, if your beach plastic litter collection is contaminated and could not be cleaned with a simple water dip we would ask you to put it in the nearest black bin, all other plastics will be cleaned and  used for the workshop & competition.

After the event we will continue to use this bin for your beach plastic litter, we will recycle as much as possible.

The most important thing to do is keep our beaches clean and protect all seas and  marine life from plastics pollution.

plastic xxx

Here are some facts from Conserve Energy Future

  • Plastic is the most common element that is found in the ocean. It is harmful for the environment as it does not get break down easily and is often considered as food by marine animals.
  • Over one million seabirds are killed by ocean pollution each year. Three hundred thousand dolphins and porpoises die each year as a result of becoming entangled in discarded fishing nets, among other items. One hundred thousand sea mammals are killed in the ocean by pollution each year.
  • Plastic debris can absorb toxic chemicals from ocean pollution, therefore poisoning whatever eats it. In fact, plastic pollution is one of the most serious threats to the ocean. Plastic does not degrade; instead, it breaks down into progressively smaller pieces, but never disappears. They then attract more debris.  It poses a significant health threat to the various sea creatures, and to the entire marine ecosystem. Overall, plastic is the number one source of pollution in the ocean.

More Information here

Beach litter… at the highest level since records began

Litter is swamping our oceans and is washing up on beaches. It kills wildlife, looks disgusting, is a hazard to our health and costs millions to clear up. There are nearly 2,500 items of rubbish for every kilometre on a beach

Turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and the bags block their stomachs, often leading to death from starvation. Seabirds mistake floating plastic litter for food, and over 90% of fulmars found dead around the North Sea have plastic in their stomachs.

Plastic litter on beaches has increased 140% since 1994. Plastic never biodegrades. It just breaks down into small pieces but does not disappear. Microplastic particles are now found inside filter feeding animals and amongst sand grains on our beaches.

10679783_835423696478490_2149926600260339652_o1040781_835415263146000_4441830197006295586_oTrash to treasure!


Sunday 22nd May
Whiting Bay Hall
11am – 3.30 pm Get Creative
Join us for an  informal up-cycling day with Eco Savvy

This is a new style skill sharing event, we have many unwanted items in Eco Savvy which we think would be very saleable after an up-cycle.We have members with an amazing variety of skills who are happy to share them.
We have members who would love to try out some new skills but don’t know how to begin.
We have a huge variety of items to up-cycle and everything we could ever need to up-cycle them..

Painting, repairing and re designing unwanted items, Jewellery making, Decopage, Spinning, Card making, Felting, get creative with fabrics & wool and general up-cycling ideas to have fun with.

Arran Eco Savvy

Registered Charity SCO 45785

Wednesday 25th May                                                                7pm Whiting Bay Village Hall

Come along for a presentation of Eco Savvy’s busy past year              up to-date report of the project.

Help shape the year to come with your ideas & suggestions for            Zero Waste Arran.
Use your vote to elect Eco Savvy’s Trustees
Enjoy refreshments while you meet other members.



Thursday 24th March  Co-Op  Brodick

Eco Savvy &  N.A.C.  will be in the store for a

“Love Food Hate Waste” event

Lynn from NAC is bringing simple quiz style things for you to do and lots of freebies to help you save on food waste.
Eco Savvy has compiled a small questionnaire which links  Love Food Hate Waste with Zero Waste Arran week in September
We have  a tasty snack for you to try and we will be handing out recipes & tips.


Saturday 27th February

1.30pm  Brodick Hall

Arran Eco Park & Centre  – Renewable energy project

for Leisure, Learning, Health & Recreation                                   

  • An all ability Centre for the benefit of the Arran community & visitors.
  • A place where new technology & sustainable lifestyles can be embraced
  • A project to set the framework for a more sustainable island

We need to be sure of community support to proceed and invite you to come along to our public meeting where we will present our ideas, hold a questions and answers session followed by an opportunity for you to contribute your ideas and assist with a brief survey.

Please join us and help to make Arran a greener and more sustainable island.

 Green Waste & Food Waste  Composting
Open  Meeting – All Welcome
 Whiting Bay Hall    –  Wednesday 11th  November

An open member’s meeting starts @  1.00 – 2pm  Guest Speaker Reeni Kennedy-Boyle

Be inspired by Reeni from Fyne Futures

She will talk to us about the amazing work done on the Isle of Bute


On Wednesday 11th November Eco Savvy will be welcoming Reeni Kennedy-Boyle from Fyne Futures on the Isle of Bute as guest speaker to the Members Meeting in Whiting Bay Hall. An open meeting for members starts at 1.00 pm, then at 2.00 Reeni will present her experiences and ideas about Composting and Recycling on Bute. All are welcome – Reeni is an inspirational speaker and an energetic campaigner.

Fyne Futures is a charity and social enterprise with an impressive history of moving Bute towards a zero carbon future. There is a lot we can learn from them on Arran – at this meeting we will be focusing on the issue of green waste and food waste and will be able to tap into Reeni’s experience and thoughts.  As many will have realised, at present there are no facilities on Arran for dealing with green or food wastes, and sadly much goes either off island to landfill or is dumped on beaches to rot.

Eco Savvy intends to do something about this! He is working on ideas and plans for green waste composting, and investigating possibilities for dealing with food waste.

We welcome all interested islanders to come and join in the discussion



Creative up-cycling show report here



An Upcycled Evening with Eco Savvy

 Save the Date

Friday 23rd October @ 7.30pm

Whiting Bay village hall  

Free entry      BYOB

Eco Savvy Upcycling workshops have been running through the summer.  Between 12 and 30 people are all working on costumes, props and decorations ready for the autumn show.  .  Using various upcycling techniques and trading skills we have been able to work across a wide range of media.


If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise…..and when you spend an evening with Eco Savvy prepare for much of the same.

Last year we witnessed a fashion show with an Eco twist and rumour has it he is up to something again.  Since June a group of dedicated Eco fans have been gathering in the village hall to scheme, plan and create.  No one is quite sure what they have been doing but you can guarantee Eco is in on it.   What we do know is that skills have been shared, stories have been re-written and new friendships have been made.  That makes Eco a very happy green man.

On Friday 23rd October at 7.30pm the doors will be thrown open in Whiting Bay village hall and we shall all be invited to see just what has been occurring.  A gentle rumour suggests he is telling another story but this time it is truly upcycled and not to be missed.  All the weeks and weeks of laughter and eating cake will have a resolution and it promises to be an evening of entertainment unlike anything we have witnessed before.

Please come and join us and bring your friends and a bottle of wine or two!  Entrance is free but donations to the charity will be most welcome.   Finally we shall find out what the wee green man has been up to and it promises to a fun evening for all.






7th July 2015

Arran Eco Savvy is delighted to announce that our application for incorporation as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) has been successful.

Our SCIO registered name is;

Arran Eco Savvy Community SCIO

Charity Number  SC045785

We are looking forward to growing this charity to achieve the aims of Eco Savvy and help make  Arran a greener & more sustainable island