Arran Eco Savvy Community

Membership Review

How to respond?

'I want to be an Arran Eco Savvy Member and help make Arran a greener and more sustainable island' 🙂 If you don't confirm you want to be a member within 28 days it may mean we no longer list you as a member  🙁  If your in any doubt please click and register Timescale: We will complete the review by 16th October 2019

Since Eco Savvy began in 2013 so many people have joined, helped and been a part of getting us where we are. At this stage we would like to carry out a membership review and make sure everyone is getting all our news and has a say in how we do things. 

We intend to consult members about a range of issues over the next year and would like to ensure that those who support Eco Savvy have the chance to vote on important matters such as changes to the constitution, elections to the board and the direction of the charity. We need you to be a member to do this. 

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