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Not in landfill in just over a year of Food Share!

Eco Savvy is partnering with the Coop enabling us to collect 

and redistribute surplus food as a part of their new, national redistribution program.

This is a nationwide Co-op initiative that enables local charities like ourselves to intercept surplus food before it reaches landfill. Eco Savvy has entered into this partnership with the Co-op in collaboration with Brodick Food Bank. This means that on every collection day, the foodbank has first refusal. So far, there has been far more food than they are able to distribute or preserve in the small time-frame before the use-by or best-before dates hit. Thanks to generous contributors across Arran, the food bank is often at full capacity which leaves a huge amount headed for the bin! To avoid food waste, we have created foodshare evenings to allow anyone on Arran to collect food that has imminent expiry dates. We want everyone to understand that this is about food waste and it’s environmental impact; everyone is welcome to collect, regardless of personal circumstance. There is so much food that is wasted around the world every day, and if we can make a collective effort to divert some of that through support of this foodshare initiative, a significant difference can be made!

Collect FREE food – Its on its use by or best 
before date and it’s all headed for the bin !
Everyone is welcome, its for the 
whole community of Arran.  
This is all about reducing food waste
and its impact on our environment.

What food can I expect?

The food you’ll get will vary depending on what’s available on the day. Evening collections will typically be bakery, fruit and veg and also some fresh meat and chilled products.

Where can I pop in ?

Every Thursday in Brodick @ Ormidale Pavilion at 8.30pm

Every Tuesday in Whiting Bay @ Eco Savvy Shop 9pm

Every Friday in Lamlash @ Coast Pavilion at 9pm

Every Sunday in Shiskine @Shiskine Village Hall 9pm

Arran Sustainable Life Project

Eco Savvy has put in an application for funding to set up a Community Fridge and Freezer that will be in partnership with the Brodick Food Bank. This will mean the food can be kept fresh for longer and the whole community of Arran can help stop food waste.

In addition to focusing on travel and energy we hope to deliver our Sustainable Food project in 2019 with funding from the Scottish Government and the Climate Challenge Fund

Aim – to reduce reliance on carbon intensive transported food and off-island food waste disposal through a food share scheme, in collaboration with the main supermarket on Arran.

  • Community fridge/freezer to allow distribution of surplus food in conjunction with Brodick Church Food Bank
  • Cooking and educational themed workshops using surplus food across all hubs, with support from Arran Youth Foundation

This will contribute to engagement with Eco Savvy’s planned Green Waste & Food Waste projects.

As this grows we hope other villages can hold a food share evening too. If you would like to volunteer to hold one in your village please call our Brodick office on 302 642 or email and we will talk you through what is involved.

For more information have a look @ “Sustainable Island Life” 

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