Savvy Film Club: watch “Public Trust” here

This week film club will take shape a bit differently. Instead of watching at 7pm tomorrow (Tue 29th), we are recommending you watch the newly released film (produced by Robert Redford and ethical clothing company, Patagonia), “Public Trust”, at any time over the week and give us your thoughts after you’ve watched it in the comments below.

Click above to watch the whole film for free

Although this film looks at land rights in America this is a huge topic which will affect the whole world in terms of destruction of wild landscapes and serious global implications in the continuous pursuit and use of fossil fuels when we should be moving towards renewables.

The film also highlights the following issues:

  • the distinction between public land and native land and the associated human rights abuses against indigenous people and the injustices disproportionately experienced by them.
  • the importance of public land and every person’s right to access wild spaces. This is something that we enjoy in Scotland but can be put in jeopardy, as can be demonstrated by the restrictions put on land access (for a number of reasons) in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, further compounded by Covid at the moment.
  • the terrifying power of the oil and gas companies within what could be viewed as a corrupt political system.
  • the astounding beauty of the wild places in America.

So there’s definitely a lot of interest in there!

3 thoughts on “Savvy Film Club: watch “Public Trust” here

  1. I thought I would leave a comment here so no one is under pressure to be the first!

    I felt a lot of mixed emotions after watching this documentary. Obviously I felt extremely sorry and a huge sense of injustice for the native people whose history and heritage is so intrinsically linked to the land and wildlife that is in danger.

    But even though I understand that the motives of greed, power and money are so strong it’s really just beyond my comprehension that anyone could go to those beautiful landscapes and think that destroying them through mining and oil and gas extraction is something that can be justified.

    Also, are the prospects and opportunities offered by renewable energy just not something that is ever considered in America?

  2. Agree it’s a very thought provoking film and an interesting historical overview of public lands in USA. Even Nixon comes out in a positive light in comparison to Trump! It’s no surprise but still shocking to see how the mining and fossil fuel industries lobby so effectively. Those fighting for public lands to remain public reflect the need for collective action and enormous commitment and resilience to keep going against the odds at times. I feel there is a very American aspect in the film with the right to hunting/shooting/fishing appearing embraced by both sides of the environmental fight, albeit for very different reasons. Thanks for another interesting film.

  3. Really hard to watch despite being beautifully filmed. We are at a pivotal moment. If Trump gets back in it will be a disaster.

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