Energy Challenge 2021 round up

Our total numbers of resident’s reached per energy activity are as follows:

·         358 events & film clubs

·         48 EPCs

·         68 home energy visits

·         15 virtual ongoing advice

·         14 virtual energy action plans

.      26 switching to a green energy supplier

As with everything Covid has put a delay on renewable installations. We have helped 37 people (that we are aware of) over the last 2yrs to make good progress towards getting an air source heat pump either in the form of quotes, loan applications, or contracts signed. There are even heat pumps sitting in gardens for weeks waiting for the tradespeople to get across!  A quote from March 2021 from the most popular installer on the island sums up the situation:

“We have managed to get our hands on a supply of heat pumps, so we are back on the island. We did five last week in four days…Only 49 still to go.”

Air source heat pump sample data has been input into the carbon reporter under ‘solar thermal’. To give a better perspective of the carbon savings from air source heat pumps we have estimated, using figures from EST, that the 37 participants will each have an average of 3000kgCO2e/year annual carbon saving. This equates to 111 tCO2e project saved & 1,110 tCO2e lifetime saved from air source heat pumps.

Solar PV uptake has been noticeably less over the last 2yrs with most of the advised uptake planning on installing in the future, hence the lack of carbon data. The reason for the wait is due to both COVID and the Smart Export Guarantee. On Arran the option of the SEG with solar panels is not as well-known and as commonplace as the FiT was and the payments are less. The main issue with the SEG is that it requires a smart meter which has proven to be a bit of a nightmare for Arran residents to request. In February 2021 this resident finally got a smart meter installed through Octopus Energy after repeatedly contacting them since September 2020, he can now progress with his solar PV plans and make the most of Octopus Energy’s Agile tariff:

“I told Octopus that if I didn’t see some progress soon, I’d be switching supplier. The problem is a lot of companies seem to ask you to switch first and enquire re smart meter only once you’ve joined them. My concern with switching right now, is whoever I’m going to might have a queue of 100,000 people waiting on a smart meter already, as Octopus had earlier in the year. As a new customer, and one on an island, I may just be joining the back of a longer queue than the one I’m already in.”


·         215 households receiving personalised water saving advice & device packs

·         7,740,000 Litres of water saved from the packs in use (Scottish Water estimation)

·         £21,500 Annual energy bill savings from using water pack (Scottish Water estimation)

·        5 local ‘water ambassadors’ featured in a promo video using their devices

.         4 weeks local news coverage 

.        3 water butt prizes from online photo competitions

.        3 water themed film events

.        1 educational webinar 

.       Multiple posters in shops & an island postcard drop for education and campaign info

The water campaign involving Eco Savvy, Scottish Water, & Home Energy Scotland had a target to free deliver water saving device packs to 300 households – we reached 72% of our target. This target was naively assuming we would be able to have a physical stall and engage with people at small scale events. Considering all communications were either online or paper based, we believe the campaign was a success and had a far reaching impact.

As well as this, we have worked with Scottish Water to find a suitable spot for a water top up tap site on Arran. This will be situated on Brodick front, across from the main Co-op next to the electric charge station, allowing residents and visitors to top up reusable water bottles, free of charge. Below is an example of one elsewhere in Scotland. It will be a great legacy feature for the project and water campaign specifically.