Micro-hubs Project

This project was funded through the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

In 2017 Arran Eco Savvy was awarded £63,436 with The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund including a maximum funding of £31,718 from the European Regional Development Fund).

Eco-Savvy’s project was ‘Arran Eco Savvy Reuse Micro-hubs’ which created an island wide network of reuse and up-cycling sites to encourage local communities to come together to tackle waste and build a more sustainable future.

Arran Eco Savvy Reuse Micro-hubs

“Everyone on Arran is never more than four miles from an Eco Savvy re-use hub.”

Eco-Savvy’s aim to create an island wide network of reuse and up-cycling sites which did encourage local communities to come together to tackle waste and build a more sustainable future.

These micro-hubs were focal points for waste reduction – promoting up-cycling though skills sharing, reuse through swap shops and delivering educational events. Each hub was located in an existing community space and by collaborating with established Arran groups the aim was that no one on Arran will ever be more than four miles from an Eco Savvy Hub.

How we did it …..


Eco Savvy has been awarded funding to expand our existing project to reduce the carbon footprint of the wider island community through awareness, waste reduction, social skill sharing, schools up-cycling and workshop activities.

  • Established hubs will operate for 10 months , from June through to end of March 2018
  • Each will receive £60 per month in rent for a micro space.
  • Additional rent will be paid for a hub launch, plus
  • Every second month a rent will be paid for social skill sharing, up-cycling and workshop activities.

 A hub launch will be a fun social event for all ages.

A road-show of visiting representatives and volunteers from Eco Savvy, Arran Land and COAST, will be there to;

Carry out surveys, answer questions and introduce carbon saving ideas.

 Each location is different.

Working to find the right solutions for your village is very important, all our villages are special and all are very different.
For example, some villages may have a hub operational 5 days a week while others may only be able to offer 2 sessions a week

All hubs will offer practical household waste solutions to additional island villages, applying village specific needs and opportunities.

This will in turn establish a sustainable network of reuse activities, members and volunteers.

Operated by

A local person to be employed part-time as a hub coordinator.
A hub coordinator will be supported by local volunteers

A hub coordinator will be responsible for the management of the hub working with the hall management to maximise the benefit of this project for everyone. 

The coordinator will be supported by a Project Manager

The hub will be an important part of a network of eight micro hubs and Eco Savvy W.Bay main hub

Micro-hubs will operate the same way the Whiting Bay Eco Savvy hub works.

  1. What would happen at a micro hub?

Sales of unwanted items will be available in a small designated area.

  • People will become a member of Eco Savvy
  • Members are able to sell up to 5 small unwanted items and receive a percentage of the selling price
  • Donations of unwanted household items will be welcomed
  • People will buy and sell
  • Electrical items will be PAT tested ready for sale
  • Eco Savvy the project, Arran zero waste and sustainability information will be available
  • Solutions for unwanted or waste items will be found
  • Social skill sharing, schools up-cycling and workshop activities will be generated from each micro-hub.
  • Collaborative working will be encouraged and supported to maximise local benefits
  • Low Carbon lifestyles will be supported

This will help us to meet carbon reduction targets and our members will also benefit by reduced bills.

Everyone visiting a hub will be asked where they have come from and how they have travelled.

We will weigh and record everything re used/ sold as we have targets to meet.

It is our aim to make this hub a real success for the community, to be an asset for your hall and to try to sustain the project beyond this first year