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Zero Waste Arran Week 2016    

Short videos from Zero Waste Arran Week 2015



Please Note

2016 Recycling has changed and hard cased plastics are no longer permitted in the blue bins, however we still encourage you to make another use for as many components of this outdated technology as possible.




Woollen Woods 2015




I met a boy

I met a boy at the Eco Savvy Big Feast event on Saturday and my conversations will stay with me always.  I had put together a stand to promote the up and coming Eco Savvy show and the theme of the show is an up-cycled version of a classic tale.  This story was on the stand somewhere but it was very well disguised and the challenge was to try and work out which story it was.

It attracted a lot of interest from children as they came in waves full of questions looking for clues.  But there was one wee boy who was transfixed by the challenge and was full of questions.  More than that, he was full of ideas and, as writer and director of the show, I soon became transfixed by his ideas.  I have subsequently written his ideas into the script.

He was the only person that worked out that the keys on the table were organised into a clock face.  He was the only one that figured out that there was a basket in the show full of goodies.  He was truly amazing and I was spellbound by his enthusiasm.  He loved the idea of up-cycling a familiar story and shared lots of ideas for that as well.

Near the end of the day I asked him if he would like a key from the clock face and he was most excited.  I told him to put his key in his pocket and it would remind him to keep thinking about what the story might be.  I watched as he went back to his friends and pulled out the key and told them all about it.  I then gave away a lot of keys!

I met the very same boy with his mother a few days later and he gave me a big smile and a wave.  I told his mother about how amazing her son had been and just how inspirational his ideas had been.  I gently asked him if he would like to be in the show.  I can’t find the words to describe his excitement and I am delighted to say that, all being well, he will be in the show.

Meeting this young man was a joy, talking to him was an inspiration and I am sure working with him will be an honour.

A truly special encounter that I will put in my pocket and carry around with me forever…..


Fiona Doubleday


A lovely story sent to us from Christine and we would like to share with you.

hello eco savvy
wee story to share.
if only wood could talk!
you all doing great work hope to visit soon.
my parents jimmy quarrell and sadie milarvie were brought up in the gorbals of the 1920s, taught to waste nothing, my father a self taught artist designer and woodworker could have built anything from nothing. i never forgot his lessons around waste not! at 65 as a wise granny i try to teach my grandchildren same lessons.
in a world gone mad through greed we must all reuse and recycle and it is GREAT FUN!!
best regards to you all.
christina milarvie quarrell

Subject:the story of my fathers ladders 1945 to 2015

my father made useful household ladders from scrap wood, (old floor boards) in about 1945, the ladders were used well and often. i remember as a child , holding the ladders as my father pasted up wallpaper, put a light bulb in,painted the ceiling, diy and often helped carry the ladders to a neighbours he was helping or a family up our street who borrowed the ladders. the best event was when the ladders came out of the cupboard mid december (early 1950s)to put up our christmas decorations at 4 garturk street ., govanhill,
the double window in the big room looked amazing, especially with the christmas lights on , fairy on top of the tree.
me and four sisters (marie isabelle jaqueline and loretta) always went down the stairs to the street to look at the christmas tree three flights up. so thrilling!
So all these years later donald and me have used the ladders ,which have been repaired many times but eventually just wore out. not bad for second life wood and hand made ladders, lasting about 65 years plus. think wee jimmy did pretty well with his handiwork,
i have been on at my husband donald ..could we recycle parts of the ladders into a flower box? i am so happy anna and her grandpa made this for me, so precious.
i was tearful at the thought of the ladders going to the tip. i still have one part left which i want to make a shelf or bookcase from.
some objects have no monetary value yet mean all the world to some one in terms of sentiment  and memories.
My fathers ladders are one of those kind of attachments for me.
i simply love my flower box…plan to paint my box with ancient symbols , star heart butterfly spiral and wee flowers , then  fill with spring  bulbs crocus daffodils tulips ,to enjoy and remember my creative father( a gorbals boy born and bred) and some of the best of childhood days.
thats the story of my fathers ladders. 🙂

Thank you Christine for sharing

Eco Savvy