Creative Upcycling

Creative up-cycling show

Eco Savvy allocated funds raised from  the community shop  to finance a summer of creative up-cycling workshops for it’s members. The fabrics, materials and some other random unsaleable items were also supplied from our shop.                                                       Careful study of the images will reveal some very clever use of outdated unwanted household items.Tin man xx

This group of up-cyclers shared their skills,  ideas grew and Fiona led the group to work towards an autumn show.  This delightful event provided the opportunity for the group to display all their hard work.  Have a lot of fun and learn many new skills.

We would like extend heartfelt thanks to all our loyal and dedicated shop volunteers, who’s hard work has raised the funds, which allowed these workshops and events to be freely offered to all our community.                                                                                                                Thanks also are extended to the wider community of Arran  who keep the Eco Savvy shop supplied with  such a wonderful variety of unwanted items.

         Enjoy the images and report of the show.


Eco Savvy up-cycled a familiar tale.

Sometime in the midst of June a group of islanders got together with Eco Savvy to work on up-cycling a familiar tale.  Alice in Wonderland was 150 years old this year and her image has been redesigned.  This creative group of people felt that they could create a new look for Alice by using a range of up-cycling processes.  Throughout the summer they met and designed, sewed, glued and painted their way through a collection of donated and waste items to create not only a new image for Alice but also all the costumes, props and decorations that were to become the up-cycled story of Alice in Wonderland.

DSCF1880 DSCF1873 DSCF1881

IMG_6018 IMG_6028 (2) alice

Friday 23rd September  in Whiting Bay village hall Alice in Wonderland was retold with a small invasion from characters from the Wizard of Oz!   A packed audience bought into this madness and eagerly anticipated the new tale that had become Eco’s version of Alice in Wonderland.  They were not disappointed as a cast of adults and children led by Alice Lockhart took to the stage to tell a tale that became a journey through the unknown.

A story sprinkled with dramatic entrances, comedic moments and choreography that just left us all smiling.  The creative team chose the Queen of Hearts as the character to represent exactly what can be achieved with upcycling and her entrance from the back of the hall did not disappoint.


The madness continued until the culmination of the story when the brand new up-cycled Alice was presented to the audience.


It was a moment to pause and reflect on what has been achieved by a spirited group of people who set themselves no boundaries.  The show closed with a stunning new arrangement of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ from the Vivace choir.

The curtain call was in now typical Eco Savvy style and as Beyonce blared out the entire cast took to the stage once more and the audience clapped along.

Eco Savvy put on a night that created lots of special memories but more than that he showed us all just what can be done with a group of commitment people and upcycling.  He would like to thank everyone that helped to make the project such a success and he has left us wondering ‘what next?’


Congratulations to everyone involved.