Composting Green Waste & Food Waste on Arran

 Eco Savvy is working to prepare a business plan for Green Waste Composting on the island. We are now talking with North Ayrshire Council with an intention to investigate  Green Waste Composting and a Public Service Partnership.

We would love to hear from you if  you live on Arran and have experience in business planning for service contracts, specialist knowledge or an  interest in compost and soil improvement, food waste in vessel composting.

As many will have realised, at present there are no facilities on Arran for dealing with green or food wastes, and sadly much goes either off island to landfill or is dumped on beaches to rot.

Eco Savvy intends to do something about this! He is working on ideas and plans for green waste composting, and investigating possibilities for dealing with food waste.

We welcome all interested islanders to come and join in the discussion. We would like to invite anyone with an interest in helping move our plans and research forward to contact us        

useful links.

For those looking to help research the project .

Windrow Composting  For your garden waste

In Vessel Composting   For you food waste

Compost vs Artificial Fertiliser: A Comparison

Fyne Futures

On Wednesday 11th November 2016 Eco Savvy  welcomed Reeni Kennedy-Boyle from Fyne Futures on the Isle of Bute as guest speaker to the Members Meeting in Whiting Bay Hall. An open meeting for members, Reeni presented her experiences and ideas about Composting and Recycling on Bute. All are welcome – Reeni is an inspirational speaker and an energetic campaigner.

Fyne Futures is a charity and social enterprise with an impressive history of moving Bute towards a zero carbon future. There is a lot we can learn from them on Arran – at this meeting we focused on the issue of green waste and food waste and will be able to tap into Reeni’s experience and thoughts.