Coastal Erosion Trial

Coastal Erosion Trial

Eco Savvy is supporting  the Whiting Bay Coastal Erosion prevention  Marram Grass trial.

We are asking all residents to join in growing marram grass seeds for a mass planting autumn 2016

This is just a trial, but coast line observations from other villages suggest that marram grass is very effective at strengthening the coast line

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What to do

  1. Cut your milk bottles in half with scissors
  2. Make a drainage hole in the base
  3. Put 1 – 3 stones into the container to add weight
  4. Fill with soil (not compost)
  5. Plant in 3 or 4 seeds of Marram Grass

Allow the seeds to germinate and grow until root bound. (July-August)

Remove the Plastic Milk container and either , reuse  or  recycle

These plugs will then be inserted along the shoreline

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 Marram Grass seeds.

 This trial is instigated by members of

Whiting Bay & Districts Improvements Association  

supported by Arran Eco Savvy

You can collect your own seeds  or Please ask for seeds at Eco Savvy

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