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Latest News

Hello Eco members! We hope you are all keeping warm and well. There is lots of exciting things going on across Arran this time of year, we’d love it if you would read on for a little of the latest with us!  This newsletter will share:(1) Eco Savvy Christmas Pop Up (2) Volunteer Val to become Shop Manager(3) Work Experience Opportunity…

Project Manager

Judith King Arran Eco Savvy is delighted to welcome Judith King Judith is Eco Savvy’s Reuse Micro hubs project manager. 7/8 micro hub managers  have been employed  as part time managers for our eight villages. Eco-Savvy’s new project is  Arran Eco Savvy Reuse Micro-hubs’ which aims to create an island wide network of reuse and up-cycling sites…

ACLI & Eco Savvy

Eco Savvy is delighted to be working with  Arran Community Land Initiative to tackle climate change, we look forward to wide community support and  helping  Arran grow and a make a huge contribution towards climate change. Arran Charities awarded over £110,000 for Environmental Projects across the Island It was great news for two environmental projects…

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