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Woollen Woods

In 2015 Voluntary Arts  are taking Woollen Woods nation-wide in partnership with outdoor venues and arts groups across the UK

Brodick Castle & Roots of Arran  are the chosen locations for Scotland  and we need your help to make the Woollen Woods bloom!pompoms

Eco Savvy is joining with other groups and Schools on Arran to make this a very special project for us all.

Eco Savvy of course has it’s own take on the event and our contributions will be very much with “zero waste for Arran” in mind.

At one of our open meetings recently Alison Barr kindly gave us a summary of the Woollen Woods aims and stressed they wanted anyone who can craft anything to get involved. She did this while knitting beautiful small flowers in a soft blue wool for us to see.

The first event was launched in 2013 and included 2 sites, the 2015 event will be hosted in 6 different locations around the UK.

It will take place from the 15th to the 25th May at Roots of Arran Site and in Brodick Castle gardens.

There are many other groups and school pupils who are involved around the island already and she would like as many as possible to take part.
Alison suggested we all look at  “guerilla knitting” and “ yarn bombing”  in google images to get some ideas. One example of the ideas being discussed – It has be suggested Marvin Elliott may provide a sculpture to “yarn bomb”.
Photographs of some items from the previous Woollen Woods were passed around.

The signature flowers that have been chosen are – the Scottish Thistle and Rhododendron Magnificum .

Alison has kindly sent us a link to a great site to get started.

Alyson Sheldrake Photographer
Tricia Sloss is representing Eco Savvy at the Woollen Woods and gave us a report on the ways we can take part. She is keen that anyone who cannot knit, crochet or felt will be welcome to come to the Eco Savvy Skill Share workshop on Sunday 22nd of Feb.                        They will be given what ever guidance they need and by collaborating with other groups like Spin Off and Arran Visual Arts  there will be people with all skill levels attending. She hopes this workshop will be a starting point for Eco’s projects and she has many ideas for those who don’t knit at all.


Wool & wood can be used to create all kinds of things we can put into the event. She will work with a group to put together a demonstration for the skill share day in Feb and urged us all to start to collect anything woolly!

From blankets to old jumpers, yarn to felt, we would like as much as possible to be wool or yarn that is unwanted or reused.
Parts of an old jumper was passed around, one arm had been washed at 40degrees and the other at 60degrees.  It was clear the hot wash had shrunk and matted the pure wool into a form that could be cut and sewn very like felted wool. This is one of many ways for non knitters to take old items and use them to create something with wool.

Tricia is planning to be in the shop on 11th of Feb, Wednesday afternoon,  when the shop is closed to chat with anyone and help us plan for the skill share.


Skill Sharing Workshop

 Sunday 22nd Feburary
 Whiting Bay Hall  10.30 am  -4.30 pm
Everyone is invited to come and get involved. Learn a new skill or rediscover an old one.
We are going to have sharing of knitting, crochet, felting, and a range of non-knitting projects on the go.
The other skill share event planned for the 26th of April will be focusing on Woollen Woods and getting ready for hanging in the Castle and Roots on the 9th May.

For some ideas please have a wee look at some great links –
Yarn Bombing
Guerilla Knitting


Up cycling with Eco savvy

zero waste shop camera 087

some Up-Cycling for the zero waste Arran exhibition


 zero waste shop camera 099zero waste shop camera 097zero waste week 1 001

Some up-cycled items from our talented  volunteers

more will follow


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