Arran rECHARGE! Network

Everyone on Arran understands the challenges of cycling our beautiful yet demanding terrain; with the advent of eBikes, the world of cycling has opened up to so many people who before wouldn’t have dreamed of traveling around Arran by bike. With this comes great opportunities for local businesses and organisations to embrace this new healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around and that’s how the Arran rECHARGE Network has come into existence. Local businesses on Arran are supporting a whole new and growing market whilst also promoting a greener, happier eBike friendly future.

eBike users on Arran are welcome to charge their eBike batteries at a range of businesses across the island starting from the 26th of April 2021. In doing so, you MUST abide by the Code of Conduct shared below. Read on for further information and happy cycling!

The businesses taking part so far are as follows:

  • Arran Active – Brodick
  • Auchrannie – Brodick
  • Arran Botanicals – Cladach/Brodick
  • Brodick Bar – Brodick
  • Crofters – Brodick
  • Hunters – Brodick
  • The Parlour – Brodick
  • Corrie Hotel -Corrie
  • Mara – Corrie
  • Lochranza Distillery – Lochranza
  • The Drift Inn – Lamlash
  • PHT – Lamlash
  • COAST – Lamlash
  • The Shore – Whiting Bay
  • Kilmory Hall – Kilmory
  • Lagg Hotel + Velo Cafe – Lagg
  • Lagg Distillery – Lagg
  • Bellevue Farm – Shiskine
  • Balmichael Glamping – Shiskine
  • The Old Byre – Machrie
  • The Kinloch – Blackwaterfoot

Below is a proposed Code of Conduct for network users; which will probably be displayed in the businesses’ premises alongside the rECHARGE! sticker:

  • Purchase something from the place you are charging, take a seat, get a coffee, and eat some cake. Alternatively, if preferred by the organisation, donate.
  • Try not to be charging up for more than 1 hour; this service is designed to boost the remaining charge rather than fill up a completely flat battery.
  • Be considerate – this goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: If you are in a busy cafe/restaurant/bar, understand the pressures on staff and be patient if they don’t get to your request straight away.
  • DON’T PLUGIN WITHOUT ASKING! That socket may not be allocated for ebike charging.
  • Stick around while your batteries charging (as tempting as it may be to dash to the sea/shop next door/ice cream van)
  • Finally, as unlikely as it is, you accept the liability that your equipment could get damaged or stolen on a business’s premises.