Energy Challenge

 The Arran Eco Savvy Energy Challenge 2018/2019

Arran Eco Savvy supported by Climate Challenge Fund For Eco Savvy Energy Challenge to help cut local carbon emissions.

Arran Eco Savvy have secured a share of £15.3 million made available through the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) and have been awarded a CCF grant totalling £112,151.

The CCF is a Scottish Government grant programme, managed and administered by Keep Scotland Beautiful. The CCF provides funding and support for community groups to help tackle climate change by running projects that reduce local carbon emissions.

The Arran Eco Savvy Energy Challenge will be run by Arran’s local charity Eco Savvy and will offer free support across the island to help people save energy and costs in the home environments as well as supplying information on carbon literacy and climate change.

We are delighted to hear that we have funding for another CCF project and can’t wait to get started. The Arran Eco Savvy Energy Challenge will take things to another level in terms of cutting carbon emissions and will ensure that the community has an enhanced understanding and appreciation of energy savings, directly benefiting from the associated financial and environmental savings.

Our CCF project 2017/18 has been a huge success with phenomenal engagement in the Arran schools and across the villages at hub openings, skills-sharing workshops and events. With a new focus but very much seeking to engage with the Eco Savvy network already established, our Energy Challenge project will empower households on Arran to become more energy efficient, make cost savings and look to advise on the feasibility of renewable energy options on a domestic level. We will also continue our carbon literacy and climate change education with a scheme that will seek to make 1/5 of Arran carbon literate.

To get involved with the project, connect with us on Facebook: and on here for project launch dates and to hear when the energy auditors will be coming to your village and how to sign up for one!

David Gunn, Climate Challenge Fund Manager at Keep Scotland Beautiful said:

“We congratulate Arran Eco Savvy for securing funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund and encourage the local community to take advantage of support available through the Arran Eco Savvy Energy Challenge

“We look forward to supporting Eco Savvy as they implement their project and empowering many more communities to take action on climate change. We see it as part of our work to make Scotland clean, green and sustainable.”

Project Overview:

There are around 1,600 domestic locally occupied households on Arran (AEG 2016), many of
which are not eligible for the current roll-out of smart meters. We aim to engage with 25% of these
residences during the 1 year project to deliver significant carbon and financial savings.
Big change starts with small steps; from simply changing lightbulbs to the provision of energy
monitors. By engaging with energy drop-in surgeries and focused carbon literacy workshops, the
project will enable significant carbon savings, simultaneously proving benefits that will shape
behavioural changes amongst the residents of Arran, resulting in a long-lasting legacy.
Key Actions
The project will deliver its goals through a number of key activities:
• Domestic Energy Audits
• Energy monitor loans
• Thermal imaging
• Energy Advice Drop-in Surgeries and Workshops
• Carbon Literacy Incentive Scheme