A New Message from Eco Savvy

Important survey request

Eco Savvy Micro-hubs

proposal for your village

We would like to request 5 minutes of your time today please, to help shape the future of Eco Savvy.

Arran Eco Savvy Reuse Micro-hubs,
This is an innovative idea evolved from your suggestions to us, when you have visited our community shop in Whiting Bay.

We aim to locate an Eco Savvy micro-hub in each village on the island.

Each hub will be located in an existing community space, providing a useful income. We hope to collaborate with established Arran groups and identify a local person to be employed part-time to act as a hub coordinator.
A hub coordinator will be supported by local volunteers

Micro-hubs will operate the same way the Whiting Bay Eco Savvy hub works.

Q. What would happen at a micro hub?

Sales of unwanted items will be available in a small designated area.

  • People will become a member of Eco Savvy

  • Members are able able to sell up to 5 small unwanted items and receive a percentage of the selling price

  • Donations of unwanted household items will be welcomed
  • Electrical items will be PAT tested ready for sale
  • Eco Savvy the project, Arran zero waste and sustainability information will be available
  • Solutions for unwanted or waste items will be found
  • Social skill sharing, schools up-cycling and workshop activities will be generated from each micro-hub.
  • Collaborative working will be encouraged and supported to maximise local benefits
  • Low Carbon lifestyles will be supported

Climate challenge targets will be introduced, for example, the loan of a shower timer for a family household with meter readings before and after will be offered. This will help us to meet carbon reduction targets and our members will also benefit by reduced bills.

Q. Where will these micro hub be located?

At present we have not established exact locations, we hope the addition of a micro-hub will benefit village halls, church halls or any suitable community welcoming space, by paying a regular income and by generating an increased footfall.

Working to find the right solutions for each village is very important, all our villages are special and all are very different.
Some villages may have a hub  operational 5 days a week while others may only be able to offer  2 days.

All hubs will offer practical household waste solutions to additional island villages, applying village specific needs and opportunities.
This will in turn establish a sustainable network of reuse activities, members and volunteers.

The aim being that everyone on Arran is never more than four miles from an Eco Savvy re-use hub.

For the first time, Eco Savvy is applying for funding to expand our existing project to reduce the carbon footprint of the wider island community through awareness,waste reduction, social skill sharing, schools up-cycling and workshop activities.

Q. Doesn’t Eco Savvy have a lot of money already?

Yes, but we have ring fenced £10,000 for forestry land purchase, in order to begin Community composting of Arran’s green waste.

Eco Savvy has sold over forty five thousand pounds of unwanted items in our Whiting Bay hub and injected over twenty thousand pounds back into the local economy.  With the additional £10,000 ring fenced for forestry land purchase we believe the Micro-hubs project will deliver environmental, social and economic benefit to all our villages.
Do you agree?
Please can you please spare a couple more minutes to respond to our survey which is  anonymous.


Your reply is very important to us, we need our members responses to support our application.

To establish the Micro-hubs we need this funding, once established we are sure they will become financially sustainable as Eco Savvy in Whiting Bay has been from the onset.
If you would like to get involved and volunteer with Eco Savvy please contact us.
Please send us any comments or questions you have concerning mico-hubs or any other Eco matter.
Thank you for your time and support.

Eco Savvy